Looking for a Lammas / Lughansad Spread

Astraea Aurora

Well folks, you might have guessed it - I came up with a Lammas spread on my own. But thanks anyway to everybody who gave a little bit of his time to answer my question.

Here it is:

The first corn by Astraea Aurora


The layout is supposed to form a circle. The circle represents mutiple things: a whreathed garland; a loaf of bread; the turn of the seasons throughout the year (*1); the four points of the compass, the four elements in nature and the four Tarot suits (*1); the eight Wiccan holidays; one day from sunrise to sunset to the next sunrise; two semicircles, divided into outward focus and inward focus (*2).

The positions are:
1. The corn. What is now fully grown? What is now on its climax?
2. The scythe. What has to be reaped now? What has to die now?
3. The freshly-baked bread. Or John Barleycorn. How can or should you use the harvest?
4. The consecration of the first loaf of bread. How can you be grateful? Whom can you thank for his support through the last time?
5. Mother Earth. What can now come to rest? How can you settle down and prepare for the quieter seasons?
6. The sun. What should you enjoy now?
7. The season. What changes now?
8. The Indian summer. What lies ahead of you?

Some positions can be linked and read as a pair:
1+4 -- what is fully grown and why you can be thankful for it.
2+5 -- what is reaped and can now settle down.
3+6 -- how you should use and enjoy the harvest.
7+8 -- what changes and is on its way to you.
5+6 -- earth and sun, what is settling down so you can enjoy it.
1+6 -- the present, maturity and pleasure.
2+7 -- the near future, irrevocable change.
4+8 -- how you can be grateful for what lies in store for you.

(*1) Here are some links I found in the layout:
1 -- summer, South, fire, wands
3 -- autumn, West, water, swords
5 -- winter, North, earth, pentacles
7 -- spring, East, air, cups
I know water and cups belong together, and air and swords - but personally I feel that cups belong to the spring and swords to the autumn, therefore the change.

The two semicircles-theory arose in me as I noticed that 1 till 4 dealt with the physical world, crop, harvest etc, and 5 till 8 with inwardly things, subtle changes, things you can do to nurture your self.

Hope nobody is tired after reading this long post. If so I'm sorry. I just had to share it with you.

Best Lammas wishes, Astraea Aurora :grin:


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Astraea Aurora

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Thanks for these!

Brightest Lammas Blessings to you all :)