Looking for a Partner


Okay, I've never done this before, and I don't really know if I'm qualified to do it, but here goes...

I posted a thread in"Tarot Decks" where I asked if anyone knew abot a RWS-style deck that shows scenes from the Old Testament (eccept for the Jewish Tarot, which is unpublished, all the biblically inclined decks I could find were based on the life of Jesus), amd no one could tell me if such a deck exists.

Now, I can't draw very well, I paint abstracts, and I was wondering if anyone would like to create a deck like that with me. Its a hell of a job, and it should be quite fascinating. Who knows, in time we might even get it published?

Any takers?


Dont be too disappointed if it takes a while to find someone. I suspect (but others may correct me) that for most of us here the sheer work involved in doing the visuals (we are coming to the conclusion that whatever we do a deck = 4000 hours of work at least) means that working in partnership is a bit risky - what if you put in all that time but it doesn't work out?

I don't mean to be discouiraging, in fact quite the opposite. Please just be prepared to have to be patient and persistent. I'm sure you will find someone, but it may take a bit of searching. I think the lack of response to this thread is not intended to be negative.

The deck you are describing sounds very interesting and worthwhile, so I hope it does happen.


Since baba-prague has broken the ice (so to speak) on this one, I think I'll chime in with my two cents. Unless you're actually living in the same town/city/house as the person you're collaborating with, your chances of having a project of this size work all the way through are pretty slim.

Given the overwhelming part that the artwork has in any deck, a partnership where one person is doing the artwork and the other is doing the direction has a hard time being a partnership - more like boss and employee. When you've got two people who are artists in slightly different fields, like Karen and Alex, then each one contributes in large part to the development and final form of each card and it is a true partnership.

If you could find someone who was, say, talented in black and white sketching but didn't handle color all that well, and you could handle coloring and backgrounds, then the potential for a true partnership would be much higher. Do be prepared for a couple of really bad misfits, though, when you start hunting - good artists tend to be rather egotistical about their art - with good reason - even the nicest of them.


I've got two acquaintences doing this right now for a flower tarot. One is doing the color art, the other researched the flowers & came up with the meanings. I'm not sure how the entire project will work out as neither one is deeply into tarot, but they both wanted to give this a go & have been working on it for 4 months now.

I do think you probably need to be in the same city, for get togethers for talking over each card & looking at sketches & card mock-ups. Do you have an arts college in your city? Someone from there may want a side project for their portfolio & might be interested.


Normally I'd be more then happy to help someone create something, expecially when I'm fairly new at creating it myself but have done extensive research. However, recently I have been very busy with personal matter so I wouldn't be sure I would be as dependable as you would need, or as dependable as I would like to be for that matter.

The best advice I can give you is to sit down and figure out what you need done. Then figure out how to get it done. If you cant figure out how to get it done while sitting there jotting notes then research it. After words, find out what you can do and anything you know for certain you can learn to do or have little skill in doing you can find a professional or come here so that you have less things your asking for in a partner.

Perhaps once I get the creation of my own first deck under my belt then I could help you with yours, this is of course if still need the help by the time I'm done.


Thank you so much for your input everyone! I knew it was along shot, but just for the sake of clarity, I'll jot down what I had in mind.

I don't want to comission anyone to do it, I want a parnership. I'll do most of the research, and my partner will do most of the painting. The(theoretical) deck is going to be based on the RWS symbolism, plus some Quabalah as based on the Thoth. No astology, since I'm certainly not knowledgable enough. The Majors will mostly depict characters from the Old Testament, while the Minors will for the most part depict events. I'm in a dillema between adding keywords, or an explanation what the picture represents. I'll probably go with the latter.

As for the pictures themselves, I envision something like Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments". Lots of drama, reddish brown, yellow and gold-yellow.

And yes, you are all right, it would be better if I found somebody near me, since I want to be involved, not just see the finished project. Thats why I would prefer to find some one who knows Tarot as well, so I could get their input as well. I've already started putting out feelers at the art schools here.

Wish me luck!


Hello! If you don't find anyone, give me a buzz! Perhaps we can work out something. Now, I do live far, far away, but who knows? I can't promise anything seeing as how I have two tarot sets of my own in progress as well as work, school, and other art things. So if you cannot find anyone, anyone at all, I'll help. It'd be best if I were a last resort. If you e-mail me, I can send you an address to where my portfolio can be viewed online. I'd put it here, but I'm not quite sure if it's allowed in the forum rules. My stuff you'll see isn't what you're looking for, but I know I can do it if I find the time. Good luck!