Looking for some advise on a deck in development.



I'm in the process of designing a Tarot-deck based on the (original) Star Wars Trilogy.
I would appreciate some comments from people here on the board about the look and feeling of the deck so far.
I know that not all images are perfect, but I have to capture them from video (unless the perfect pic is available in print off course)... man I hardly can wait untill the DVDs come out ;)

I put them all on the following site: http://www.geocities.com/to_seeker/
It's a very basic site (just a means of showing the cards to you), so don't expect anything fancy please.

I would appreciate all comments.
TIA, and may the Force be with you.


I have just looked at your cards. They are really cool. I had a little trouble with your Moon card, but then I remembered the scene from which it is taken, and you are right. Luke is definately The Fool!
Can't wait for the new film!
Ar e you aware of another Satr Wars deck? I think it is listed here.


Quote:eek:rczy (13 Oct, 2001 09:47):
Can't wait for the new film!
Are you aware of another Star Wars deck? I think it is listed here.

Aww... you got me blushing ;)

And yes, I know of the Star Wars deck that's listed in the "unpublished decks" section. The layout is very nice. However, other than The Fool, the cards depicted just don't connect for me. What I know of the Star Wars lore and what I know of tarot don't fit in with the combinations s/he has chosen.
And in case you wonder what else is coming, I have a list of all other images I still need to capture... time, off course, is a hole other question :)

And yes, I'm also anxiously counting down to may 2002.


I think your choices for the cards are more onto it than the other deck. The other one seems to be somewhat more superficial, for both the tarot and Star Wars.
What is R2D2 going to be in your deck?


i agree that your choices for the cards are more insightful than the other deck. the imagery is great and well thought out.
i think the ace of staves would be better without the staves at the side. yoda pointing the stick clearly gets the "point" across. 10 of staves--for some reason i wonder if this image might be a good knight of staves? han solo is like leia's knight at that point. but whatever, the image is a keeper. at the point of looking stupid, who is the queen of staves? i don't recognize her or the line. the sabers are great! but drop me a hint on why you chose that image of han solo for the 8 of sabers? i'm sure it's just me and if i thought about it i would get it.


Quote:truthsayer (14 Oct, 2001 00:57):
at the point of looking stupid, who is the queen of staves? i don't recognize her or the line.

Well color me stupid too. ;)

I have no clue who that queen is or where the line came from.



Thanks for the positive comments so far :)

Orczy: Although several characters may appear in different situations (or even stages of development. Jedi Knight Luke is clearly no Fool ;) )I have R2D2 scheduled as the page of Credits (pentacles).

Truthsayer: Well, I must say i'm still looking for a better "staves" illustration.
As for knight of staves, I do have a scene with Han in mind, but one where he's a little cockier :)
Queen of staves: no, you're not stupid :) It's from one of the scenes that didn't make the final cut, but was quite important for the history of Luke. This is Camie, one of Luke's childhood friends (together with Biggs, Tank, Fixer and Deak) The scene is when he comes rushing in Toshe Station to talk about the "big space battle" (the opening scen of SW) and meets Biggs again (and hears about Biggs' plans to join the Rebellion) I guess that's one of the problems of having so little women with a speaking part in the original Trilogy :p
Frozen Han for the 8 of sabers: I chose it because is almost an exact copy of the Rider-Waite image of the bound and helpless women for the same card.

Hope this clarifies some questions.


yes, thank you. your answers make perfect sense. how did you access the picture of camie? is she on one of the SW remakes or dvd? if so i'd like to see this part of the story. i saw this movie when it first came out around 1976. it's still my fav movie. for some reason i've never really gotten into the sw books like i have the movies. i was rather disappointed in the "phantom menace" but i may have been expecting too much. i hope the next one is better. is your tarot going to be based on the first 3 or include phantom menace, too? the emporer might make a good devil or death card but you are the one in charge of the millenium falcum! the emporer is a lot more imp in the overall story than came out in the original trilogy. how do you think he figures into the cards if at all? thanks for sharing your wonderful creation w/ us.

Major Tom

I've had a look and I think it looks really good. I don't know enough about the Star Wars story to comment on the appropriateness of the photos you've used.

The resolution from the captured video doesn't do your cards any justice. Have you considered contacting Lucas Films for some hi-res photos? Which makes me want to ask if there are some copywrite issues? Lucas Films might even be interested in marketing - particularly as you're putting so much research into the appropriateness of each card. }>


Well, I'm writing as a MAJOR fan of all the movies. I've written over 100 spoofs of each film in script form, drawn cartoons for those spoofs, parodied songs for it, etc... If anyone wants to read them just email me, and I'll do my best to sned them to you, but be warned: The humour can get really sick.

Anyway, I LOVE YOUR TAROT DECK! I esp. think the Moon was chosen well. I looked at it and the first thought was YES! I GET THAT! Of course, if you don't know the films, you won't get it. I also found the quote from the Empress rather tickling.

The only thing I was annoyed about with the films is that I never saw the originals. So I am a bit lost when Fixer's Girlfriend (Forgotten her name from the lost Anchorhead scenes!) showed up as Queen of Staves. I've never seen her before. Oh, Camie's her name! BTW: Did you know she's an ex-porn star?

And I think that the wand on the side of the Ace of Staves is out of place, I prefer it without.

I have an idea for the World : The Ewok Celebration. The bit at the end of Jedi with all the fires blazing it the night, and people from all cultures dancing? It was the end of one adventure, but it you read the books, about three days after that, they being a new one. (Forgotten which book it is!)

I think the 8 of Sabers is very well chosen as well.

Now, I'd better go before I start rambling about pointless facts I know about the films!