Lord of the Rings


I have only been "into" tarot for 2 months now, but I'm starting to see things and wonder how they relate to tarot.

Anyway, I was in Barnes&Nobel yesterday and saw Lord of the Rings trading cards. My first thought was, "I wonder if someone who read the books could do readings with those?"

L.O.R. was very popular when I was in high school twenty years ago, but I never read the books. Maybe I will have to try them out now!



There actually is a Lord of the Rings Tarot deck (and book) ... I have never heard anything really positive about the deck, but I can tell you that the pictures are really pretty. I had the deck and traded it, but have been considering re-aquiring it for collection purposes. I do plan on reading the books and then looking at that Tarot again to see if it makes any sense. Just thought I would pass this on (that there is a LOR deck).

Love & Light,


I have the LOTR deck and book, and although I have never used it for a reading - as far as theme decks go I think it is pretty decent. Most theme decks fall flat after a while when the symbology wears out, but since the LOTR deals with magickal dealings, the images have a way to play, even if there are interpolated images from the Hobbit and other Tolkein creations.


One of the chaps who painted the Lord of the Rings Tarot deck has a stall in Camden Lock (London, England), upstairs, the small hall off the main hall, on the west side. Interesting and friendly man.


I have this tarot deck and assumed the trading card set was the same and that for some reason they had renamed it, maybe i was wrong.

i sort of like this deck, it relates well to the book and most of the cars pictures make sense and you can understand why the author chose the scenes for each card. however saying that i dont gel with this deck at all. It really seems to hate me and i cant read with it. its a shame because i loved the books and thought understanding it the way a fan would, would make reading with it easier. I guess me and this deck just werent meant to be lol.

I have tried to trade it a couple of times but not many people want a deck as themed as this one is.