Lost and found horary chart question ?


This is a horary i cast today to locate my favorite eyeshadow palette i lost the morning before, it was simply misplaced, but as when i'm getting quickly ready in the morning to get my son to school on time....most times i'm half asleep still, so to me this could have been anywhere, even in the fridge and i did look here lol.


The chart is at 0 degrees....but i was still able to locate it from the chart, so not sure why the chart was at O, tbh.

Eyeshadow is ruler 2 (mercury) in upper part of chart in aquarius, and in 11h house by the 5 degree rule.

i then looked to moon and moons in scorpio, and in 6th house.

Mercurys ruler being saturn placed by the 5 degree rule again in the 8th house....and this makes sense with the moons position to, being in the 8th hosue rulers sign.

So i thought right its definitely upstairs....not the fridge lol, as for one mercury and saturn are in upper part of chart and with saturn being in 8ht and moon being in scorpio (ruler of 8th) i thought right its either bathroom or bin.

Have no bin in bathroom, so checked bedroom bin and nothing....double checked bathroom where in a morning, i do do my makeup and nothing.

Today was gonna be out all evening so did a mini spring clean (as u do ) before hand, and i was in bathroom cleaning sink etc, i have a very small radiatior in my bathroom with a towel over, so when i was cleaning i thought "move the towel ( as from chart i knew it was def in bathroom) and see if its underneath or even behind radiator etc.....well yes there it was, it had feel behind radiator in bathroom.

So i definitely got location of bathroom from chart, with moon being in scorpio (a wet place, bathroom, toilet, near water, waste, etc (that's why i looked in the bin). And mercury (eyeshadows ruler- saturn) being in 8th house being about once again- bathroom, waste etc.

Soooo my question is as it had dropped behind the radiator where did this come into play ?

As my heaters have been on, i thought mars would have come into play with it being behind radiator.

OMG i think ive actually just answered my own Q, saturn is in a fire sign (sagittarius)...hence the radiator.