Love search spread


A beautiful spread that is by greektarot (~link removed my moderator~) which can be used in times of loneliness and love search.


Position 1: Why? (Why am I single/alone? What are the psychological or past factors that shape my present situation?)
Position 2: How? (How can I handle these factors?)
Position 3: What? (What is necessary for me to do in order to solve this problem?)
Position 4: Who? (Who would be my ideal partner at this time of my life? What would be his characteristics? What do I really want to know now? What am I really looking for?)
Position 5: Where? (Where am I most likely to meet my new partner?)
Position 6: When? (When am I most likely to meet my new partner?)
Position 7: The lesson (What lesson do I need to learn through this period of loneliness?)


Looks great ! I'll probably try this later tomorrow for myself


lol! for who...I got 2 of swords, the tower, and 8 of swords...-__- uhmm my future ("ideal") partner is going to be going through intense hardship and have lots of mental struggles and not knowing where to go? maybe...i tend to be drawn towards people who are needing help...-__-