Love this deck


I have just got this deck and it's blown me away! It's beautiful, intelligent, sexy and playful!

People have been going on about this deck for ages but it wasn't until I had an interesting reading with it that I considered it. It's just amazing and i look forward to learning more about it:D


it certainly is all that and more

i have found it to be a very very positive deck full of hope, love, mysteries to be unveilled tonnes of wisdom and jolly good fun

even the *horrid* cards are nice in this deck lol

its also quite a quirky deck i find with upside down ideas sometimes but always a pleasure


Yes I think it's its positive as well as its playful aspects that I'm enjoying right now. And as you say, even the negative cards retain some sense of joy and fun. It gives a very innovative spin on the traditional RWS meanings yet adds another totally different dimension. It's also a very clear deck to read:D


Lots of Fey fans

There are a lot of Fey fans. The Fey is my primary reading deck. I have also wood-carved several of the Fey characters. The Fool is one of the more unique interpretations of this card I have seen. It's hard for me to pick out a favorite, I have about 40 or 50 of them in this deck. Dave


Yes the Fool card is extraordinary. My favourite so far is the Moon card or the Queen of Cups but there are a lot to choose from:D


I had this deck for ages and loved it but my daughter (who's almost 8 now) loved it more so I gave it to her.

She makes up wonderful stories with the cards - lays them out in huge spreads right across the living room floor and weaves beautiful stories with the Fey as characters.

I love the way there aren't the 'right' amount of cups, swords, wands and coins on the cards, I think cards are much more atmospheric that way and lend themselves better to intuitive reading (the Victorian Romantic is another deck that does this that I find incredibly easy to read).

I love the Queen of Swords with her sword seared into her forehead, the 3 of Swords for it's sadness and The Moon just because......

It's a gorgeous deck, I can't think of one card in there that isn't wonderful :)



I also love this deck. it's my favorite, I especially like the way it invokes/provokes my intuitions. The cards invite contemplation and reflection......there are many fascinating little details that make the images come alive. BB, Michael