Lovers Reversed


My main question is mostly about something I discovered today that I'm curious about.

The Lovers popped up in a reading I did today. For starters, I don't do reversals with the Fey (mostly because I don't know how to do them correctly, but also because they don't feel right all the time with the Fey) and the card didn't show up reversed, but I was studying the card and was curious as to what the card would appear like if it were reversed so I flipped it.

Something interesting that I noticed about the card reversed is that the Air Fey appears to remain happy, I think everyone will agree she appears to still be smiling, but what shocked me was that the Earth Fey DIDN'T appear to be smiling any more, he appears extremely depressed in the card reversed.

I don't think this is just coincedence (is there such thing in tarot? :D) and am curious as to whether this plays in part into the possible meaning of the lovers reversed. I know nothing about the Lovers reversed so thats half why I was asking. My first thoughts when I saw the card reversed and like this was "One-Sided love" since one person is happy and the other unhappy.

Any insight into the card? :)



I use reversals when I read the cards- but never when I read with the Fey- it does not feel right to reverse them (to me). It is very interesting to hear your thoughts on the upside-down Lovers and it sounds very much of what a reversed lovers card can mean. One sided relationship; the break-up, a relationship not reaching it's potential, etc.
Could also represent one person using the other, one person being unaware of the manipulation.


i actually got the fey tarot because of the lovers, the cae of pentacles and 7 of swords card. when i read your posting, i took a look at the lovers card reversed (i have to admit, i was afraid i'd feel different about the deck after seeing it reversed since this was the card that appealed to me in the first place).

i did feel different about the card after that, in a good way.
the card is special upright coz it gives a sense of loving acceptance, despite the differences in the two fey creatures. nothing to do with lust or choices. it's so private, like noone else exists. reminds me of that giddy stage in a new relationship, when both side are so absorbed in each other!

it's so sweet, it oozes acceptance, unconditional love and happily ever after. i get a nice fuzzy feeling whenever i look at this card.

reversed, the fantasy is replaced by reality. i see reality set in, shown on the face of the earth element, like deep down he knows that the challange of being together might overwelm them or that there's just too hard to make it work but he won't tell her coz he can't bring himself to break her heart. i see a sad smile on his face.

i feel this mostly because i am an earth sign and my husband is a water sign. after looking at the card reversed, i kinda see us exactly like that when we need to make difficult decisions together!