Ludy Lescot - Favourite (or perhaps most intriguing) Cards


The Star and the Moon are beautiful, the Moon reminds me of Mrs Radcliffe's books.

Virtually the whole deck is intriguing though. For example I think that the 7 of Cups is scary but very interesting. Some of the Courts just make me think really hard, not sure what they are up to.

I find it hard to pick up which card interests me most because it is such a puzzle.


Current favourites (visually):

Card X (The Wheel)
Card XII (The Hanged Man)
7 of Cups

I left the titles of the majors in brackets since they don't appear on the actual cards in this deck (only in the sparse LWB).

ETA: The Star is usually my favourite card across a whole range of decks - but I can't get over the strange perspective in this one. How can she try to catch the reflection of the star in the pool without bending lower? The water level in the illustration is 'wrong'.


I love the Sun most of all. I always want the Sun card to be female (because the Sun is female to me) and here we have a Sun card with *two* females and a mysterious dancing figure. The birds and the glass painting are awesome and the enigmatic expression in her face is wonderful.
The Chariot is lovely, sad and gentle.


A vampire burning up in the rays of the sun perhaps...?
Ooh wow. Now *that* would explain the look on her face, wouldn´t it! So it´s about revenge then? Most interesting.