Ludy Lescot - Hermit IX


Somehow every time I see this card, my eyes wander towards the black cat. Its as if the Hermit is starting to look for the essence of life in the graveyard (since it is said in some scriptures, that you get to know life only when in the graveyard), wants to move ahead, and the cat is protecting him from evil spirits, but he gently shoos her !!


The 6th House in astrology is ruled by Virgo (Hermit). This house is, in part, the house of small companion animals..



I'm just starting to work with this deck and, yes, this image doesn't quite convey the "illuminated from within" sense I tend to get of the Hermit. Although the deck appears to follow tradition I can see I'll have work ahead to adapt to some of the images!


Charles Dickens was very good at wrapping real life concerns into ficticious parables that were digestable to the reader. In some way, his audience could identify with the story and characters. He didn't disguise the harshness of reality and I don't think this Hermit does either. What he shows to me is that even in the dark, there is always a bright spot of hope if you but look for it.

A very nice summary!

Pam O

Well fed-LOL :D Yes, it´s true that he is not very..."hermity". He looks like a nobleman with his expensive silk frock coat and the chariot behind him. He doesn´t look evil to me. He looks more like a good guy worried about something.

His hat looks like the one of the Charioteer. I´d say this is the Charioteer and the girl has escaped to the woods in her despair and he is worried.

What´s with the cat? He looks like the kind of guy who´d have well bred and obedient hounds by his side. Maybe the girl has shapeshifted into a cat?
Are his eyes open or closed, what do you think?

He almost has the 'fat cat' look himself. Definitely not a typical Hermit, but maybe that says any of us can be a Hermit, no matter what our body shape, or clothing style is.

He also reminds me of the Charioteer, but the Chariot is a bit different design than the one in the VII card... The top hat he is wearing seems to be the same one that has been featured in a number of the LL cards.


The hermit's eye is open and he is looking behind him. It looks like there he and kitty is standing on the snow. Either the lamp he is holding is super bright, or what but kitty and the hermit have shadows. My feeling with this card is that we may have to look behind to our shadows to look to transform. It will completely rock us to the bare bones.

Is it my imagination, or is there what looks like a church window behind the hermit?