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Ludy Lescot - Fours

Emperor and Temperance

order and moderation, stability and balance, self-control through intelligence and self-control of the mind, attainment of goals and management, father and mother, male influence and female influence, confidence and exuding confidence, power and harmony, wealth and accommodation, etc. these are just a few of the Major arcana four's meaning blended.

The Emperor - Raven in the background = intelligence
The Temperance - stone statue = balancing the emotions and the intelligence of the mind

Four of Swords

The Emperor has moved on he now holds the sword in his hand to represent that he used his intelligence in his waking life which was represent by the raven (Emperor) was his thoughts and memory (his sword). The angel (Temperance) on the side of his crypt represent that he used self-control of his mind, and he balanced and managed his emotions with logic, giving him power and harmony, in attaining goals to wealth, accommodation and stability with order to all those around him during his life. now he rests. Beside him is his daughter, who is mentally and emotionally drained, exhausted from the grief of his passing, which is symbolized by the blood of life draining from her wrists, she feels she can't go on, she needs to rest her thoughts of loss, rejuvenate and repose herself. replenish her life blood and balance her emotions and thoughts and not let them take hold of her. She is forgetting that rest is necessary and this stressful situation is not a part of a healthy lifestyle. let the time of healing process for the well-being of the body, the mind, and the imagination. Her body needs to recuperate and her muscles need time to repair after strenuous exertion. She needs sleep and to dream, this will aid in the process, to bring order to what seems chaos of her daily life. survivors of trauma often become disorientated, make poor decisions and become unable to complete simple and necessary tasks, eventually losing hope.

That's my little story

La Force


This is my card for today and the more I´m thinking about it the more I think the key word here is "Seduction".
I don´t mean the erotic although it can certainly be that,too. I´m thinking about weaving a story that draws other people in.
It´s about seducing an audience and inviting and drawing someone inside a story or a play. Playing a piece of music so seductively that the listeners forget all else. Watching a film with someone or admiring beautiful work of art in a museum? Being seduced by beauty and letting it draw you in.
This could possibly also hint to lying and cheating?

Indeed, and the card can also fit the standard interpretation:

"This card implies that the foundation is finished and ready to be developed. It signifies the successful completion of a first stage or a first draft, first full rehearsal, first election to a
small but significant post. It also predicts that the querent will (or has) enjoyed this moment of completion, celebrated it.

Often this card is read as indicating marriage, this because marriage is seen as the “completion” of the first stage of a relationship. The couple cement the foundation they’ve laid down with a commitment ceremony.

There is a danger when this card comes up, however, of the querent feeling like they’ve finished the project when, in truth, they’ve only finished that first part. Many see marriage as the goal of a relationship rather than the completion of a stage. A reader might do well to remind the querent that while a celebration for having completed this first stage is well deserved, they need to also think of ways to re-energize themselves. There is more to do."

Next, onto the LWB:

Desire is fuelled by the unknown, not what is in full view.

I fully agree on the seduction comments, further, that this is done with subtlety. By maintaining an element of mystery, all things become more intoxicating! Maybe advice as to how to keep the initial excitement alive?

It could also refer, in the context of the standard meaning above, a pull towards to something mysterious, when the querent should be focusing on the work to be done in their core situation. In other words, this card shows the temptation that can lead us from the long-term path we have been traveling.


I agree with the above comments, however I feel it's important to relate it to the Emperor and his message. By maintaining honesty, thus being very truthful or "revealing" like the shear robe the woman is wearing, we can then "move the world by being ourselves" (like the Emperor suggests).

I have also come to the conclusion that this card suggests that everybody has "a checkered past" like the tiles on the floor. We are not all goodness or all evil. By acknowledging the past, both good and bad, we can then bring acceptance to who we are.


Four of Swords

This is how I read this card today while doing a spread focused on what was happening in someones relationship. I have posted the other card interpretations I got in the relevant threads here. I read the cards completely intuitively based on what I saw.

The Four of Swords shows a woman clinging to a cold dead knight.... she has laid down her weapons after using one, not to hurt him, but to cut her own wrists. Her bloods drips down but he is unmoved. He grips the fourth sword... he still hasn't given up his need to defend, and he is afraid of being caught unawares... even in death.


And what's up with the large treasure chest hidden in the grass by the horse??

That's where the guy just got that huge handful of coins from. It's a chest full of gold coins, evidently.


That's where the guy just got that huge handful of coins from. It's a chest full of gold coins, evidently.

I can almost see him as a gentleman pirate... can you hear the Arrrrrgh?


How would you read these cards if they came up as the advice card in a (generic) reading?
Noted that often the cards come with a direct meaning relating specifically to something in the situation, but if they don't...

In the absence of assumption or emotional baggage, true development can take place.

By keeping some key element concealed, others can be captivated.

Face silence and emptiness and overcome them, for they are not as death.

My worth is more than can be valued, and those that try to value it (or not), will fail.

Pam O

I have also come to the conclusion that this card suggests that everybody has "a checkered past" like the tiles on the floor. We are not all goodness or all evil. By acknowledging the past, both good and bad, we can then bring acceptance to who we are.

This is a fabulous option for reading the black & white tiles behind him! That is a creative angle!

Here are alternate ideas for reading this checker board pattern:

- Every thing is not simply black or white. Expand your mind to see other options.

- Someone is playing games. Is this in fun, or is it malicious?

- There are times it is wise to remember that seeing things playfully can be just as critical as taking everything seriously.

I just remembered there is a thread here in this study group for black and white symbolism. The Emperor is one of the cards mentioned:


Four of Chalices

I can see on one of the trees, a black cape, or is it one of the trees? I am being drawn to the sunlight coming through the trees. This is showing us there is an opportunity to see the light, but, there has to be divine timing to allow things to remove themselves.

If you look at the lady's shoulders, the strap appears to have lowered showing a bit of boobage. Could this be "keeping a breast"? And I also feel that there is not being able to see the path for the trees.

Four of Pentacles

The coins can be symbolic of spiritual as well as monetary riches. Both are "growth" which is the basis of this suit. From the information about the horse, I feel that the person, although monetarily rich, is barren in his spiritual riches. The fact that the horse is not looking at him, so this confirms that the man isn't interested in magic.

My feeling about the treasure chest is "Pandora's box" what we put in, we get our riches. I feel a very monetary aspect to life will barren. Society needs to have spiritual riches, as well as monetary riches. A call for a more heart based business model? True growth comes from the heart and not just dosh! Question is, do you want this barren monetary existence of the miser, or do you want true growth?

Four of Wands

This card is very far removed from the traditional RWS symbolism. Is it me, or she clutch a cross in her hands? Which is a signal to the whole seduction thing. I get a feeling that she is a young lady, and she is a sleezy vicar's / priest's or anyone's else's secret lover, and they are trying to make a home. Another thought I had was, is she being groomed?

Four of Swords

My initial thoughts were of a young couple under a curse - the chap awakens from his slumber at a certain time. I think she slit her palm as opposed to her wrist as it appears she has her palm over the stone dude's heart, could it be a lifting of a curse, or something other. There are healing chakras in your palms as well. As for the guy, I feel he is a nobleman, he doesn't appear to be dressed like a Knight. Perhaps the evil stepmother, or a witch, or the stepmother is in fact a bitchy witch ;) and she ripped apart this couple who were due to be married, she seems to be devoted and the body language indicates that she likes him a lot! Amy and Rory and the Pandorica from Doctor Who seem to come to mind.