Ludy Lescot-the World XXI


This card feels very introspective compared to many World cards where people are spreading their arms and embracing the whole Universe "out there". These two are very much turning inwards and seeking the World from within. They are in their own private Universe.
There is the red rose again and the phases of the Moon. I wonder what they symbolize in this card? Universal Love?
The LWB talks about finding soulmates and becoming whole which makes sense. But it would also make sense in a Lovers card, wouldn´t it?


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Yes, I thought it was the Lovers card when I first saw it.

I feel that there is something abot to happen with this card, as if it is more of a beginning of a new cycle than the culmination of something.


I find this whole deck to have so much subtle energy to it! I'll have to go find all the cards now to give my input. Ha!

I like the LWB, too. More to think about than the standard descriptions.

We've journeyed from the Pied Piper image in the Fool card through all the emotional rollercoaster rides of the Major Arcana and have come to the end. What have we learned? Did we mature? We've had our fun and perhaps there's just that, but maybe we have yet to let one more idea or event occur that makes us complete before we can begin a new travel through life with a mate. How exciting! The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and a, love of life itself and a new beginning.


I wrote the following when the card turned up in a reading that I did for myself a few weeks ago:

The World in this deck speaks of completeness and fulfilment. The image shows a naked man and a naked woman curled up foetus-like in a sphere which floats in space. The sphere is surrounded by stars. At the bottom of the card we see the sun and moon and other planets and a warmly-coloured 'glow'. In the centre of the card, at the bottom, there is a sparkling red rose. These elements all underline the message of the card which extends, for me at least, beyond the successful completion of a project and speaks more of a 'spiritual' wholeness and sense of immense well-being. Here there is reconciliation of each part of us and of our essentially dual nature. I see the two figures as equal but opposite sides of myself, my masculine/feminine/yin/yang/dark/light if you like.

With acknowledgement and understanding of all that has gone before (the entirety of our experience represented facet by facet in each of the other cards of the Major Arcana) the 'flower will bloom'. This card represents the ultimate 'triumph'.


Due to our inherent duality, we cannot be fully complete without a lifetime partner, is the message I get from the LWB. This stage is the final accomplishment on the road to everlasting happiness, and is very difficult to accomplish in terms of the sincere welcoming alluded to by the LWB.


I agree with the duality thing. To me, this is touching on Twin Flames, we both came from the source as a couple, and we will return back to the source as a couple. Through our lifetimes on earth, we look for this duality. To me, this can be the unification of the male and female essences. Rose symbolises the heart chakra, you will be able to connect to the two halves of yourself into the whole.

Simultaneously, things end and begin in one go.