Ludy Lescot XI - Justice


So, the card we forgot...

The woman holding the scales looks sad and maybe exhausted leaning against that pillar. There's a snake nearby and wolves approaching in the shadows.

It could be the aftermath of an accident? - there's a carriage wheel in the water, maybe someone got their just desserts but it is still sad. It looks a bit like the High Priestess' lair... and after all we are talking about the 11 = 1+1 = 2 (High Priestess). Anyway, lots of marshy water.

Not all the women are marked by the streaks under the eyes: this one is.


Here is the picture. I think she is lovely. I love the colours in this card, grey, pink..And the wolves,too :love:


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The things that strike me about the XI The Justice card in this deck are the unbalanced scales, the crumbling columns, and the wheel half in and half out of the water. It has a murky feel to me, misty and unclear. As if to say that Justice isn't always just, things aren't always equal and sometimes we lose even if we win (bittersweet victories come to mind).

The woman seems to be deep in thought, weighing her options to a more balanced approach but it's frought with heavy emotion (all that water).


LWB: Do you know how to be just?

In everyday life, often 'justice' is noted when we are at a disadvantage, but not when we enjoy an advantage. For instance, is there any 'justice' in the inherent and massive difference in wealth and opportunity that pervades the world? Or that there is likely someone even more motivated than we are that would perform better in our jobs but is not actually employed in our place? Is it just that we eat animals (perhaps we justify this on the grounds that we are a 'superior species'- though I doubt we would willingly capitulate to xenos invaders if the same arguments were used against us)? Rather, we tend to focus on the areas where we are disadvantaged versus others.

This is what the card says to me, that the whole idea of 'justice' is just that, a biased idea within the framework/confines of an individual mind, and unable to branch out into universal law.


This decision got to Justitia, she was sad to make it.


In the background, I can see a ruin of what seems like a kirk. Which to me says that if a societies moral foundations have gone or gone off track, then justice will be awkward. The snake oil salesman who is slippery comes to mind. Then it will be thrown to the wolves.