Luke's Galaxy Spread


I've created a simplistic spread for seeking deep answers to a variety of questions. Let me know what you think, and how you'd use it!

Arrange 1,2,3,4 like a tick, with 1 being the left hand flick, 2 being the join below, then 3 and 4 rising back up. I tried to create this as an image but it didn't work how I intended...

1 - The Planet. This is the issue, or the factor that everything else revolves around.

2 - Asteroid. The asteroid is on a collision course with the planet - what's coming up? What obstacles and challenges will you face?

3 - The Orbit. This is the path of the planet - the action to take/the path to get to 4.

4 - Distant Star. Where are you heading? What direction are you taking? Where will you end up? Target/goal.


Hello FraylingO

I tried your Luke's Galaxy Spread. I must admit I did not expect the results I got. I did not have a question in mind so I thought I would approach it intuitive and let the cards just tell me what I needed to pay attention to that I may not be aware of, or did not want to surface.

And voila ... the answers came out! I realized the cards were right. I like the spread -- it helped me to check myself out ... what's also good is that it is quite short, straightforward ... thanks for sharing this one.