LXD: Robot Lovestory


The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers
Ch 3 Robot Lovestory

----LXD stands for Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, which is a series of dance videos following the story of The LXD and The Uprising in an epic battle of good versus evil. I cannot describe the movie without it sounding corny, which infuriates me because I cannot convey the awesomeness as well as it deserves.

----I had an awesome idea for a spread based on my favorite chapter, Chapter Three; Robot Lovestory. You can go watch it on hulu right now. The video stands well enough on it's own, out of the movie context, and does not distrupt the storyline. I think it's like 11 minutes long. This particular chapter is about a man who was physically modified by the Dark Doctors in order to fight for The Uprising. I can't give out any more without ruining the video, and if anyone does take the time to watch it PM me with your thoughts? That'd be sweet :D

On to the spread itself.

Card One; The Tragedy
----The video opens up with the LXD leader guy talking, but after that you see the Dark Doctors implanting some sort of device into the body of a young man. "The Tragedy" is simple what put you into such a position in which you need a cure.
Card Two; The Cure
----What would you have to do in order to survive this tragedy? In this case, having some ticking mechanism implanted inside of your torso haha.
Card Three; The Sacrifice
----And what would this cure cost you? Can't give details here, watch the video.
Card Four; The Unexpected
----Self explanatory, and once more I am not allowing myself to put in a video reference. This is taking more willpower than you can imagine xD.


Sorry, couldn't think of anything clever. Haha.
Lemme know what you think? Much thanks! -KM​