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Week of the last quarter moon in Gemini

“The last quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of an acute awareness of ideals and high standards and implementation of these standards into daily life. Disappointment can occur if these standards are not met.”

2 of Coins

Planetary ruler Mercury

The image for the 2 of Coins is mystical view of what the sun's path looks like when viewed from the same spot at the same time of day for one year’s time. This image, called an analemma can be captured with the help of time-lapse photography. Interestingly enough the crossing over point that forms the top loop shape of the figure eight occurs around August 30th every year. On the analemma in the 2 of Coins card floats an image of the ancient Egyptian god Ra in his sun boat, symbolizing the sun’s journey. My analemma appears in the skies above Stonehenge symbolizing the ancient Egyptian belief that Ra ruled over Egypt and also all foreign lands. The image of Stonehenge also acknowledges the wisdom of the ancient Neolithic people who created stone circles aligned with celestial/terrestrial events like the equinoxes, solstices and full moons. These remarkable architectural feats enabled the ancients to predict events like solar and lunar eclipses as well as the more obvious uses like determining when to plant and when to harvest crops.

The 2 of Coins represents the blending of the two worlds, the world of the physical and the world of the spiritual. This card represents the ability to understand the physical and spiritual worlds and the ability to live in both worlds simultaneously. Once you become one with the two worlds you can never go back and live as if there is just one world. The two worlds coexist much like the to lobes of the analemma. Our contact with the spiritual realm is only as clear as our ability to understand how the other world communicates with us. Our cultural fears of ‘evil’ and the pressure of a prevailing cultural bias that a world just as real as the physical world does not exist only limit us.

Traditional tarot meaning: the juggler

In a Reading: You feel as though you have done this before or maybe you just dreamed it. This card represents the ability to live in two worlds at once… the spiritual and the physical.



Right now I am working on a NEW activity book for MAAT Tarot. Here is a sample of what the pages will be like. Your Feedback would be appreciated your likes, dislikes and additional ideas will help make this pending publication the best it can be.


1.My spontaneous thoughts and ideas about this card are:

2. Color the 2 of Coins card image (see attachment) use the colors found in the original deck.
Or use your own color choices.

3.My usual definition for 2 of Coins card is:

4. How does the MAAT Tarot 2 of Coins card meaning compare to your other tarot decks?
Deck name:
Deck name
Deck name
Card meaning:

5. Write down your thoughts about this card
How do I feel about this card?

What do I like about this card?

What do I dislike about this card?

This card reminds me of...

6. What did I learn from this card?

MORE Tarot Journaling exercises
These exercises should be done in your tarot journal, notebook or on a separate piece of paper.

1.Write a short story about this card.

2. Meditate or use shamanic techniques to journey to the image of this card and record the insights you receive.

3. The key phrase for Gemini is " I think" how do you think the 2 of Coins exemplifies this idea?

4 How do you think the energy of the waning moon expresses itself in this card?

5.How would you interpret MAAT Tarot's version of the 2 of Coins if it came up for?





MAAT Tarot’s 2 of Coins card is the last card in the general view of its Wheel of the Year system. This year the card falls near the beginning of this cycle encouraging us to finish what we have started before the circle begins again.

Have a great week.



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Maat tarot IDS

My Spirit fed, I set out on my new course- up the mountain, toward my destiny, to fulfill my path- walking from the past to the present…

Cards/Numbers: 3 of Coins/70, Princess of Coins/71, 2 of Coins/72

Card Images: see attached

First Impressions: And so, somewhere it happened. The apprentice became a master, of sorts. Do we ever become master when it comes to our Spirit- perhaps, when it comes to learning our own soul. But the journey goes on forever, and though much has been learned, there is excitement for the rest of the travel. And the Princess of Coins- she now represents me. The woman, who has grown in age and wisdom but still has the enthusiasm of a girl. In coming to terms with who I am/where I am, I find myself back in the present, sitting at the 2 of Coins- the anlemma again, I chuckle at the cosmic irony of it.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral for the 3 and 2 of coins, feminine for the Princess of Coins

Senses: The air grows thin, as the elevation increases. The trip up the mountain is hard, my breathing is labored. The rocks bore into my feet. I rest for a moment, enjoying the view, the sun on my skin, the air cool and gentle.

Symbols: art/palette, peri-menopausal princess, apple, anlemma, Stonehenge

Story (intuitive): I continue my spiritual journey. And then, one day, it hits me- the fact that I am no longer the apprentice, and am now the master. And I am asked to be teacher, to guide an initiation of one I love. And I smile, as I realize now what I did not then- we are all learning, all apprentices to Divinity- and we teach and feed each other. And though I would not consider myself a master of Spirit, I am comfortable with being a teacher in my craft. And so I have come full circle. And I look in the mirror- and see the soul of a girl in the body of a woman. And I realize that my time is drawing shorter, this life is halfway complete. I have much to do, so much I want to learn. But I am happy, and proud of the wisdom and maturity that my years have given me, proud of the beauty that is mine- a beauty of a woman who has lived life fully, a Spirit fed. And as all these gifts come to me, I find myself stepping to the place where I have stopped to rest, and now I am here, in the present, the first half of the journey complete- the rest now hanging in the future.

I look over to my side, my consort beside me. And I ask him softly, “Why do I continually work so hard to keep walking uphill?”. He smiles, though his eyes are serious, “Because if you did not, you would never reach the top of the mountain.”. I smile, softly chuckle, and look at him. He sits there, my other consort beside him- both waiting to walk with me on this journey. But not all the way… for I realize that when I reach the top of the mountain, there the Hermit will be waiting. And there, it will be my journey alone- into the unknown, onto the next phase. But for now, they are here, and I walk, constantly moving between two worlds- both of which I love. The anlemma appears before us, as it has so often before. My other consort asks me, “Do you now understand its significance?”- and yes, now I do. A journey and lifetime later, yes- I finally understand.

Astrologic: 3 of Coins: week of the first quarter moon in Sagittarius, Princess of Coins: week of the full moon in Pisces, 2 of Coins: week of the last quarter moon in Gemini; planetary ruler: Mercury

Element: earth and ether

3 of Coins: master craftsman, teacher
Princess of Coins: child-like, youthful
2 of Coins: juggler, déjà vu

3 of Coins: becoming the master craftsman/teacher of a trade
Princess of Coins: traditionally a young girl with dark hair/eyes and the zodiac sign of Taurus. In this deck, it is the mature woman who is happy with who she is, and what she has accomplished, but still feels young at heart
2 of Coins: the ability to live in two worlds at once

Quote: "I have gained wisdom on my path, and continue the journey upward and onward, walking between two worlds.”


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This card makes me think of Tai Chi or any series of movements done in martial arts (Kata, I think?). Once learned and well integrated, it become a meditation. The movements flows and everything seems going by itself. It is very centering. The card makes me think of being centered while there is movement, whenever we are in the calendar. The here and now that truly matter.