Maat study group: 2 of Cups


Card/Number: 2 of Cups/40

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: What a pretty card for the 2 of cups- a traditional marriage scene with the exchange of rings and champagne flutes as the cups.

Card Description: Two champagne glasses sit in the center of the card- though they have the same pattern, they are two different colors, pink and green. In the background you see the groom and bride in traditional regalia. The groom is placing the wedding band on the hand of the bride. White veil and white roses mingle on the edges, offset by the black of the groom's tuxedo.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral

Senses: you smell the scent of roses, the warm spring air on your skin, a salty tear runs down your face, tears of joy at this happy occasion.

Symbols: white dress and veil, glasses, ring and roses

Story (intuitive): As the king of cups requested, so I begin my journey back in time- my journey through the maturity from childhood adoration to adult love. And it began with my girlhood knight in shining armor- who came, and broke my heart. Heavy hearted, a new love strolled in, and while my heart did not beat so quickly at his kiss, his words of love and forever brought back that childhood dream of the perfect wedding and happily ever after. And so it happened, that gorgeous wedding. As I stood in white, my veil and train flowing behind me, he stood in his black tuxedo- looking handsome and spilling words of forever as our rings were exchanged. The champagne flutes sitting at our table- clinked softly together with our toast. Surely, this would be enough? Surely this perfect wedding had bought our happily ever after? I did not know then, and really- how was I supposed to when I was so young? How was I supposed to know that this day was not just about the perfect scene, the complete picture- but at it's core, this day and this card are about a pledge, the pledge of a beginning, and the work and care that it would take to make it grow and flourish. I did not know then, but I do now. And while this perfect scene was straight out of a fairy tale- the one element needed was forgotten. But that is a part of the journey that comes later... and until then, I sit and enjoy my fairytale wedding.

Astrologic: week of the new moon in Aries. Planetary ruler: Mars

Element: water

Keywords: union and reunion, partnership, marriage, pledge

Meanings: legal unions of all types, including marriage

Quote: "I promise."


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I agree, it's a perfect traditional wedding scene. It bring emotion and people are with good intention. Everything is well planned and perfect. A moment that should be an happy one.