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Week of the first quarter moon in Sagittarius
“The first quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of reconstruction. After foundations are destroyed rethinking and reconstruction of a situation is brought to the forefront.”

3 of Coins
Planetary ruler Mercury

The image for the 3 of Coins is an imagined scene of Leonardo da Vinci painting the Last Supper. The 3 of coins show the connection between the artist, his medium and his idea. This holy trinity of magical creation is the gift of the artist. Whether the art form is musical or visual the connection to something greater than yourself is present. The secrets of the artist encoded within his work are sometimes even a surprise to himself. Anyone can learn how to do whatever they want. You can take lessons. You learn the steps and skills to create what you wish. You know when you have learned to master your craft when your endeavor begins to take on the characteristics of a prayer. As you work there is a dialog of instructions. Your hands begin to move effortlessly. You ask questions and the answers pop into your mind with the instructions of what to do next. There is an excitement generated. The excitement is not unlike the feeling of falling in love… The results of your work exceed your expectations. This is what it is to be the master craftsman.
Have you ever had something to say but you were too self-conscious to say it outright? Did you ever hide a message in something you made? Did you ever see something in something you made that you didn’t realize you had put there? Such is the way of the subconscious mind. Think about what it is you would say if you could think of a way to put that message into a song, poem or art piece.

Traditional tarot meaning: the master craftsman

In a Reading: the master craftsman, teaching through the visual media forms. The communication of ideas through art music and poetry and the people associated with this endeavor.


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On this card, the craft person seems to have an idea in his mind and know how to do it, even if others doesn't understand right away. Sometimes, craft people doesn't get understood until they turn their vision into reality. I remember that my step dad had a clear picture in his head for the layout of the second floor of the house when he build it. My mom and me only understood it once we set foot into the house. there are things we need to see to understand, so in those cases, pictures are more than a thousand words!