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eek of the last quarter moon in Taurus

“The last quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of an acute awareness of ideals and high standards and implementation of these standards into daily life. Disappointment can occur if these standards are not met”

5 of Coins

Planetary ruler the Sun

The image for the 5 of Coins is two petitioners tossing coins into the sacred well at Sancreed. Sancreed is one of the many sacred wells and springs of Cornwall. For centuries humans all over the world have gone to sacred waters in hope of miraculous healing. According to legend the waters of sacred wells and springs are most powerful during the time of Lammas/Ludnasad (August 1st the time of the first harvest of the year).

In the 5 of Coins image, there are strips of cloth blowing in the breeze above the heads of the two pilgrims which were hung by other petitioners. It is thought that as the cloth disintegrated so would the person's disease. This idea seems to have been lost to some modern visitors as a few strips left hanging are now made of indestructible synthetics and even plastic.
This card represents the healing and rejuvenating powers of Earth. As the moon is waning in the sign of Taurus (death), it would seem as though life has overpowered death. At this time earth begins to show its abundance, giving its resources of food and pure spring water for the life of its inhabitants.

When was the last time you went skinny-dipping? Do you remember how amazing and free you felt, the wind and water on your naked body? There are some scientists who are convinced that we don’t have hair on our bodies because of how much time early humans spent by the water. Our newborn infants instinctively know how to swim. Pregnancy stresses in women’s bodies are greatly reduced in the water. Woman’s menstrual cycles coincide with the cycle of the moon and tides.

This is the perfect time of the year to get in the water. Why not get in touch with our ancestors from the water while the weather is right?

Traditional tarot meaning: poverty, illness, life outside of the Church, punishment for non-conformity.

In a Reading: This card signifies a time for healing especially by water.


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The beautiful clored strops of cloths remind me of Tibetan pray flags. The wind carries the prayers. Much like the wind weathers the strips and carries the dis-ease away. I was troubled by what you said people as prayer strips today. If they do not disintegrate I wonder if the condition remains permanent in their energetic field? Hmm.. food for thought.


Barbaras Ahajusts

5 of Coins

This card made me think of a wishing well. Or even the pretty fake rivers around town as they bring some of nature back to malls, and some outdoor store frts.
At one cafe, the fake river in frt of it, had coins all in it. The only thing that impressed me about it, was the emotional feeling I got as the breeze, the water stirred up, felt and smelt clean.
Like a healing breeze from the water as it cascaded over the rocks.

I like this card for the 5 of Coins. Makes much more sense to me. As you gaze upon the coins or clothes, one can be thankful they don't have their worries.



When I look at this card, I think about the concept of making an offering with the hope it will be recipicated by blessing such as good fortune, good health and abundace.


When I look at this card I think about al the thousands of years people have been throwing things of value in water, in hopes of gaining health, money, luck, protection, or having a prayer granted.
I especially like it for the 5 coins with it's tradition of the impoverished out in the cold and they seem not totally disenfranchised, but instead hopeful, and doing what they can, in the moment, to better their position and prospects. It is a card that has Hope in it.


It feel like a restful place. An anchor of calmness. This is the kind of place I wish to stay. Living in a city made me realized that I needed wooded area near me!