MAAT Study Group-6 of Coins


Week of the first quarter moon in Scorpio

“The first quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of reconstruction. After foundations are destroyed rethinking and reconstruction of a situation is brought to the forefront.”

6 of Coins

Planetary ruler the Sun

The image for the 6 of Coins is a little girl in a white party dress perched on a Victorian couch holding a perfectly wrapped present. She is surrounded by beautiful objects, a richly woven carpet lies beneath her feet and above her head there is an oil painting. The oil painting is Ceres (An Allegory of Summer) by Antoine Watteau painted between 1712-1716. In the painting we see the goddess Ceres holding wheat and a sickle while resting on a lion. Below the lion is a crab which looks a bit more like a lobster and at her feet are two young girls. All symbolic of the location of the sun in summer. Summer and the fertility of the land is the Earth's gift to us. This card represents a gift. It represents giving a gift or receiving a gift. There are many kinds of gifts. The little girl is the gift of a child but she also is the gift of future fertility.

That is it about a gift that is so pleasurable or not? Is it the mystery if the unknown, the unexpected abundance or the knowledge that you are focus of someone else’s affection. Some may find a gift an uncomfortable prospect some may suspect strings are attached to gifts and not be able to enjoy them. Which are you? And why?

Traditional tarot meaning: a gift

In a Reading: This is a fun card to get in a spread because it always means there is a gift of some kind on the way or just received.


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