MAAT Study Group- 6 of Cups


This is the week of the first quarter moon in Leo

“The first quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of reconstruction. After foundations are destroyed rethinking and reconstruction of a situation is brought to the forefront.”
6 of Cups

Planetary ruler Venus
The image for the 6 of Cups is a group of children dressed in medieval costumes watching a performance of Punch and Judy. In the background we see people dancing round a maypole. The card represents a layering of symbolism. The first layer is that of children joining together for fun at a fair. The costumes they are wearing help them imagine an earlier era. Another level speaks of the enjoyment of annual events and ritual that gives us a sense of continuation and stability.

There is also a layer of symbolism which shows us that children learn from relationships. They are a witness to the symbolic relationship of Punch and Judy, which though meant to be humorous is really quite volatile and combative. Children learn what they live. On a political level, Punch and Judy represent the voices of the politically oppressed. Punch and Judy could insult the upper class or the king without consequence much like the court jester or fool. On another level, the sum of all these layers can speak to us of the precarious imaginary lines between childhood and adulthood, nobility and commoner, the past and the present.

This card also speaks of what people learn from the role models in their lives. Our children are the witnesses of our love affair with our partner just as we were witnesses to the love affair of our own parents. Take the time to think about what you may be modeling for them. Take time to think about the people that have made an impression on the you and influenced your self image, personality, role in community and choices in partnerships. What patterns from your childhood continue to echo in your life?

Traditional tarot meaning: nostalgia

In a Reading: This card represents childhood memories, feelings of nostalgia. It can signify all things from the past including everything from running into an old friend to cleaning out the attic. It can also signify reliving old family dramas and playing out unhealthy family patterns of behavior. Use neighboring cards to clarify what is specifically being revisited. This card can represent the expectations of what a relationship is supposed to be based on childhood memories.


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The card is having a fantasy touch. It is mainly due to the tree. It seems to have two colors of leaves. And the children are escaping reality by looking at the puppet show.



6 Haunted Days

This my favourite 6 of Cups card of any, in any deck! The full force of the meanings of this arcana really jumps out of this card. The immense detail, like the May Day scene in the background is just so descriptive and alive.

The Punch and Judy show, perhaps for me, suggesting to view the oft times more harsh and negative things in life with more childlike simplicity and taking a step back to be more removed.

This image brings to mind those giddy, excited, magical emotions you have as a child when you go to a's so out of the ordinary and wonderous that it all looks lit from within....suggesting to view life and the world in this many times forgotten viewpoint from childhood which came so naturally and uninhibited.

Miss 6


I think it's interesting that the girl nearest the puppet show almost seems to be putting her hand between the two puppets.

It's so nice to see a Six of Cups that actually has something going on in it besides a child with a bunch of flowers! :D