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Monday, November 27, 2006
MAAT Tarot card of the Week
9 of Swords
Planetary ruler Jupiter
Full Moon Gemini cycle (November 22-December 20) major card-Strength

First Quarter Moon in Pisces-Prophetic dreams, spirit contact and things that go bump in the night.

Now is the time when the creative power of the waxing moon is visiting the realms the deepest subconscious. The dark month before the winter solstice is the month when we tap into the collective subconscious. Our days are filled with memories of holidays gone by...cultural traditions as well as old family traditions and the memories of loved ones who have passed away fill our minds. We prepare gatherings to celebrate life and the power and mercy of the mysteries of the universe. The power of the sun continues to wane until the winter solstice all the while the moon's light remains the same and as the nights grow longer sleeping and dreaming become paramount. Become aware of your dreams if you keep a dream diary this will help you to record your dreams. Take note of long lost relations that pop into your head as well as your dreams as you prepare for the celebrations ahead. Listen for the wisdom of familiar voices as you continue the traditions they began... they are all gathered around you... the ones you know who have passed and the ones who you will know who are coming into being ...embrace the mystery.

Traditional tarot meaning nightmares, loss of sleep from stress

In a Reading: this card represents a significant dream, spiritual encounter or a dream that changes your view of reality. When seeking information about timing this card would represent the eternal, time overlapping into the timeless spiritual realm leaving an accessible doorway.

For a deeper understanding of Pisces Moon check out the other pisces moon phases,

The 4 of Wands (new moon) This new moon is the best time for planning and planting the seeds for the summer's garden. It is still winter yet our imaginations have merged with summer. The energy of the waxing moon is perfect for germinating seeds.

The 10 of cups(last quarter moon) This card represents a couples ability to weather any emotion. It represents dreams coming true and sunshine through the rain.

The Princess of Coins(full moon) This card represents the peri-menopausal woman her body is going through changes yet she still feels young. She is the woman at the cross-roads.

Temperance (Full Moon Cycle August 23-September 22)
The point where the summer is coming to a close and the
harvest has begun. She tells the story of the Legend of Ra and Isis.


Maat Tarot: 9 Swords
First Quarter Moon in Pisces

The nines seem to ask what, as individuals, we can accomplish with regard to the possibilities that the suit presents. Swords present challenges and, often, double edges. They require us to think. The woman in the Maat’s 9 of Swords seems to be doing just that.

Her surroundings are comfortable, even luxurous: the deep red velvety hangings and bed cover, the embroidered sheets, and the lacey nightgown indicate material wealth and a stable household. But she wakes at night and peers into the dark. Roses emerge from the dark, ten of them in a circular bouquet, bright as a small, private sun. That bouquet is the most eye-catching feature in this scene, but the woman does not look at the roses. Instead, she looks at the shadowy, indistinct figure floating above her bed who offers them to her. In the foreground, upper-left, are nine swords blades which are substantial enough to reflect light at the hilt, but which fade to near invisiblity at their tips.

One of the most beautiful and interesting of the Maat’s arcanas, the 9 of swords offers a variety of interpretations. Clearly, there is an attractive offering—a spiritual enlightenment of some sort—and clearly the woman is hesitant to accept.

Is she wrong to question the gift? Spiritual gifts are precious and can bring great joy. On the other hand they can also bring great loss and profound sorrow. Is she using the wrong tools to aid her decision? Her strength is swords (i.e. logic and reason) which seem to be fading away in the presence of the sprite who holds the roses. Ought she to leap at this chance (she may not get another) without thinking about the responsibilities that might follow? Some certainly would! And what about the giver? More than the gift itself, its source seems to worry her. Should it?

Whatever her decision, she has engaged the issue. Unlike the woman in the traditional RWS whose terror won’t allow her to see, the Maat’s woman looks straight at the source of her disturbance. She’s thinking about it, and while she does so, she may discover different modes of thought some of which might be more applicable to her problem. The timing is good: the quarter moon “symbolizes the power of reconstruction” in a lunar cycle whose key phrase is “I think.”


It makes me think of a scene in a psychological movie.
It is clearly night and the character is in her bed. It seems she had heard a suspicious noise. Will she go see what it is? Is she courageous enough to do it? It is a moment of suspense. The swords toward the woman seems to indicate danger for her. She face the unknown at this moment.


Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 9 of Swords/16

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: This card is very interesting. Rather than getting the impression that the girl has had a nightmare, you get the sense that she is anxious, but excited, her passion reflected in the sanguine blanket and curtains that surround her.

Card Description: A young, dark-haired girl is lying half reclined on her bed, as if just waking. The bed is gorgeously dressed with cream sheets and a sanguine velvet blanket and curtains which seem to embrace her. She appears to have just awoken- but is she awake? Or has her consciousness opened her to the world beyond the veil? Above her, she is looking with anxious excitement at a ghostly blue form with a solid appearing bouquet of yellow roses, framed within the folds of the curtains. 9 swords hand from the upper left corner of the picture, the floor tiled with black and white.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Neutral

Colors: sanguine red, cream, blue, yellow, black and white

Senses: you feel your heartbeat, racing erratically and hear the pounding of it in your ears. You taste fear, and excitement and smell the pungent sweetness of roses as you stand within the veil.

Symbols: bed, roses, swords, ghostly figure

Story (intuitive): Oh, I do remember the night of my own claiming by the divine. I can see it in her face, what she has experienced now will change her forever. "So, it starts." I whisper softly to myself. Though She doesn't speak, I feel my Mother walk quietly behind me. I continue, "I remember, that first night that You came to me. I had never known such fear, such exhilaration, as when You held that shovel, and told me to dig- knowing that I was digging my own grave, the death of my self, to rise again as other. I was so afraid of the unknown at that time, but now I cannot imagine how my life would have been if I had chosen otherwise. Thank you Mother, for anointing me as Your own.". The scene plays out before me, as clear and crisp in my mind as if it had just happened. "You were truly asleep daughter, but ready to be awakened", She softly whispers, "Though it is I that helped awaken you, you had to make that choice, the choice to come. You can see it in this young girl's face, the sleeping priestess has risen. Once anointed, you are touched by the divine, and hereafter marked by Wyrd. This, this is the beginning of her journey, just as your started so long ago.". I smile softly, witnessing a new priestess, awakened to us, now part of the circle of shamans and hedgecrossers who stand between the worlds, ready to start her work. As I look, my fellow anointed ones are standing around the bed, holding space and being witness to this event, a vigil of the initiated supporting our newly arrived. We whisper together, "Welcome home, new daughter of the mysteries. Welcome home.".

Astrologic: Week of the first quarter moon in Pisces. Planetary ruler: Jupiter

Element: Fire and ether

Keywords: awakening, hedgcrossing, OBE, journeying

Meanings: traditionally nightmares or uneasy sleep. In this card, the awakening of our great Sleep, to the mysteries of the beyond.

Quote: "I have awaked from my Sleep, anointed by the divine."


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