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Week of the full moon in Aquarius

“The full moon phase symbolizes generosity and the need to give to others. This phase implies an intuitive objective understanding of self and others.”
King of Coins

Planetary ruler the Sun
The image for the King of Coins is Osiris lodged in the tamarisk tree. Before Osiris became the god of the dead there was a time when Isis and Osiris lived happily together on the bank of the Nile River. They were living

a life of peace and prosperity. Isis and Osiris worked hard and everything they touched flourished. Osiris's brother Set was jealous of this happy couple because everything Set touched turned to desert.

Finally Set became so jealous of his brother's success that he plotted against him. Set held a banquet in his brother's honor and built a jewel-encrusted sarcophagus that he made to fit Osiris's body perfectly. At the party Set tricked Osiris into getting into the sarcophagus. Osiris, being a man with a good heart, trusted his brother and being impressed by the extraordinary workmanship on the box laid himself into the jeweled coffin. Before Osiris could realize he had been trapped Set closed and bolted the lid throwing his brother into the waters of the Nile River. The sarcophagus with Osiris trapped inside drifted down the Nile for a long time until it came to rest in a tamarisk tree and became lodged and hidden in the branches of the tree. Meanwhile at the party Isis begins to miss Osiris. Not finding him anywhere, she finally hears what Set has done and begins her legendary search for her husband.
The symbolic meaning for this card is to be aware and beware. People tend to make judgments about others based on who they are; this can be both an inaccurate assessment as well as self-exposing. This card also warns against people who have little success creating something positive in their own lives and would be looking to get what you have. For example offers made by credit card companies and the like. See these offers for what they are really saying which is, "we think you can give US the amount we are offering you plus interest." It is sometimes better to be happy with less than to kill yourself trying to accumulate extravagant possessions or go on costly adventures that you think will make you happy. Think about what is of real value, and what you really need in your life for happiness. Family, friends, clean air, clean water, clean food and good health, these are things of immeasurable value. The best things in life are free.

Traditional meaning: a man with dark eyes and hair, the zodiac sign Taurus.

In a Reading: This is a card that represents a man who sees life from his own perspective often gearing his sights on long term gains. His need for security leaves him boxed in at times and narrows his view. He has either come from money and has no understanding and sympathy for the poor or has come from a place of want, which has damaged him and made him obsessive about wealth. His intuitive judgment of human nature is not too good so he uses a set of prescribed criteria to judge who he will associate or do business with.


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Barbaras Ahajusts

This is a beautiful card for a beautiful but sad story.

I've always seen this King as always working, and having it all. Mostly being cold in the sense he has worked so hard he leaves himself no time to relax and play.
But this story along with the beautiful artwork is simply perfection.



Wonderful card, excellent story. Julie, it seems to me that your very interesting version of King Pents is in a way more about Set, than Osirus.
Osirus, even after he becomes the God of the Dead, acts in a fair and open way to humankind.
I have always found the King of Pents to be a good man with a good heart, who, once you have proved yourself, will deal with you in an honest and helpful way. I agree that he will not take you on face value. He wants to see what you do much more than he wants to hear what you say---except for comparison purposes! If he becomes your friend, it's for life.


Maat tarot IDS

So the initiation is complete, now where do I go? The journey continues…

Cards/Numbers: 7 of Coins/64, 6 of Coins/65, King of Coins/66

Card Images: see attached

First Impressions: These cards hold significance in many areas of life. I see them as a progression….progressing from hard work and labor in the 7 of Coins, to the gift of the 6 of Coins in attainment, then eventually feeling limited by the construct that you have created in the King of Coins. On a personal note, I do love the 6 of Coins because the girl looks so much like my daughter did when she was young- and even wears a dress similar to the one she had. Truly of gift of love and laughter.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: 7 and 6 of Coins-neutral, King of Coins- masculine

Senses: The warm air settles around you as you wipe the sweat from your brow, a long day at work. Then, finally, you can sit and enjoy the labors of your work and the gift of accomplishment in your creation. But as time moves on, you start to feel bored, then trapped, and the air grows stale again.

Symbols: bread, gift, sarcophagus

Story (intuitive): I remember. That journey home from the mountains after my initiation, being welcomed into the community now of my peers- fellow priest and priestesses who had walked the same path I just completed. It was a time full of excitement, life, accomplishment, and spiritual fullness. Everywhere I looked, things were growing. All around me, life was in bloom- my spirit soared. Like a fountain of renewal, I found my Spirit growing and evolving- a change within myself that was too huge to contain, as it spilled out everywhere- into everything. And I watched as the gift was given to those around me, and laughed and sighed at those that were thankful and accepted, and those that were frightened and turned away. But grow it did- and my consorts were with me, and we were strong and as one. And I spoke to divinity as I spoke to humanity- with no restrictions, no barriers, no fear and full of love. How can something so right, so powerful not be wanted by others? I began to sit back, and watch how the masses walked like a blind hoard, no hearing- not seeing- not being- not living. And I was so happy to not be walking there. I felt like I had broken free of some psychic prison that had captured me for so long. And as I watched, a part of me broke away, leaving humanity behind- a hope toward divinity, and a longing to return home and leave the masses behind. And I sat, in a place of fullness and complacency, for a time.

But then, something changed, slowly and methodically, insidiously inserting itself into my core without my being aware. And then I woke up one morning, and could not hear- and I walked outside and could not see, and I looked in the mirror, and saw that my eyes were dead. And I looked around me, and saw myself in the hoard, and a part of Spirit died. I cried out, but could hear no response. I called to my consorts- but they were not there. And as I watch my old self, crying out and lost- even now it brings chills to my spine. There is no place so dark as the one you find yourself in when you lose Spirit, as you once knew it, and you feel the loss so keenly. How did it happen, you ask? I do not know for sure myself, even now- but I think that part of it was how I dissociated myself with humanity, and removed myself from the “hoard”- thinking myself higher, not realizing that I was losing my humanity by doing so. Another part was that I again felt boxed in, something was calling on the horizon- something outside of the bounds of my initiation- and so I had no idea how to approach it- and did not listen to the new divine teachers that were waiting for me. A complex dichotomy of cutting myself off from both humanity and divinity- a fall so great, a loss so complete. And now, I sit in ashes, the ashes of my soul- and when the blackness came, and the light was completely gone- only then did I whisper, “I’m sorry.”- and then, I heard it- a softer whisper still, “Come back home daughter, come back home.”

Astrologic: 7 of Coins: week of the new moon in Leo, 6 of Coins: week of the first quarter moon in Scorpio, King of Coins: week of the full moon in Aquarius; planetary ruler: the Moon.

Element: earth

7 of Coins: reward
6 of Coins: gift
King of Coins: value

7 of Coins: the patience and hard work that brings about reward
6 of Coins: giving or receiving a gift.
King of Coins: Traditionally a dark haired/eyed man with the zodiac sign of Taurus. A place of security that can lead to a narrowed view, learning about the true value of something.

Quote: "I was re-born, full of Spirit, but now am lost- Mother, help bring me home!”


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