MAAT Study Group-The Star


The Star card played a key role in unlocking and confirming the MAAT Tarot
system for me. It was so obvious.

The Full Moon Cycle of Aquarius

The Star
Planetary Ruler the Sun

The Egyptians called Sirius the Dog Star, its heliacal rising coincided with the Nile's annual Flood. The flooding of the Nile takes place when the Full Moon is in A q u a r i u s. Aquarius, the W a t e r Bearer, bears a striking resemblance to the hieroglyph for the Nile, which is an androgynous male (Hapy) with pendulous breasts, pouring water from jugs onto the land and into the water.
This also bears a resemblance to the Star card in traditional tarot. Is this merely a coincidence? The typical interpretation of the card is synchronicity and universal timing. The "Dog Days" occur between July 24th and August 17th. Sirius Rises with the sun (invisibly) on August 4th and rises one hour before the sun on August 15th. Sirius is called the Dog Star because it 'dogs' Orion, chasing him through the night sky. The constellation Orion is associated with Osiris and was thought to represent him. Orion/ Osiris dropped below the horizon because it is then that he was killed by his brother Set. Set (god of the encroaching desert) was jealous of the beautiful world that Isis and Osiris had created. In his rage he planned to destroy his brother. Set threw an elaborate banquet with Osiris as the guest of honor. Set presented Osiris with a gift at this banquet. The gift was a beautiful box encrusted with precious gems and covered with gold. Ironically the box was made with the perfect form to fit Osiris's body. Set encouraged Osiris to get in the box and feel how comfortable it was; how beautiful this box was and how perfectly made it was. Osiris got into the box and Set quickly closed it trapping Osiris. Osiris realized too late that the box was a trick. Set threw the box into the Nile and it floated down the river until it finally came to rest in a large tamarisk tree. Eventually the tree that held Osiris's box was cut down and used as a pillar in the palace of King Byblos. Isis aided by Anubis had been searching for Osiris since his disappearance at Sets party. Isis finds Osiris in the tree as it is about to be cut down. Isis tries to stop the king from cutting down the tree by changing into a dove. But that doesn't work so she takes on a human form and disguises herself as a nurse to the Queen's child to stay close to the tree. Once she is close to the tree she is able to work her magic and secure the box. But this makes Set really mad and he tears Osiris into fourteen pieces and scatters him, hiding his pieces all over Egypt. Isis mourns the death of Osiris her tear (Sirius) drops into the Nile causing it to flood. Isis collects the dismembered pieces of her dead husband and eventually conceives a son from Osiris's re-membered pieces.

Upon even further research I have found the river god Hapy is a much older version of Osiris, who represented the river itself. Osiris/the River who’s flooding becomes the personification of fertility as the god's out flowing passion for Isis/Earth is intermixed. The "evil" murderous brother Set represented the red rock and infertile desert. There seems also to be the symbolism of River representing Time itself, which flows, especially in the context of the Star card.

Other names: Hapi; Sothis, Sophia, Astarte, Ishtar
Symbols: Water pouring onto land and water, the star,

Attributes: Universal Law; coincidence; synchronicity

Full Moon in Aquarius key phrase: "I know"

In a Reading: This card represents universal timing.

The synchronicity that happens when things just fall into place. It seems as if things work out better than you could have planned and it seems as if divine providence has had a hand in human events.


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The man seem to be absorbed or trance like. He is absorbed by what he is doing. Maybe he is doing a ritual and put all his energy to the accomplishment of it.