MAAT Tarot is creating jobs


Good Morning Folks,
The MAAT Tarot is now making tools for teachers!!!

Tool # 1
The MAAT Tarot Teacher's Edition

Printed: 344 pages, 8.5" x 11", coil binding, white interior paper (80# weight), full-color interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink

The MAAT Tarot teacher's guide is one of a new series of products made especially for tarot teachers. This comprehensive guide is full of ideas for the creative teacher who wants to teach the MAAT's calendar system.Use the pages as handouts or study just one card card at a time. It also has a section for in depth study of moon signs and phases making an uncanny connection to tarot symbolism. This book is geared for teaching beginners as well as those who want something more advanced. Starts out slowly and then opens the door to the multi-layers of this fascinating deck by Julie Cuccia-Watts.
The price may seem high for a paperback. You have to remember that on demand books being purchased and printed professionally one book at a time this is always going to cost more.
Teachers are also paying for the right to teach and reproduce this work for students. You are also given enough information for at least 4 classes and if you choose to go in depth this could break down into many more classes, say just the majors, just the minors. Certainly teachers charge for their classes and could easily recoup there expenses in one session. Any purchase of teaching materials should also be tax deductible as a business expense.

The work is uncensored and has not been watered down by a publisher to appeal to a mass market... no offense to the editors or publishers out there. It is highly specific work and you cannot get info on this deck anywhere else.
Just felt I should explain why it is not going to be as inexpensive as something that has been printed in mass.

Tool # 2
The MAAT Tarot Teachers Deck
This book has all 78 cards in large 6.75" x 8" size. Perfect for the teacher or for someone who wants to decorate their office on a budget. All you have to do is cut them out and laminate them for cards. Full color front and back. You asked for it you got it a Teacher's Deck MAAT Tarot.

Tool #3
The MAAT Tarot Teaching Poster
This full color diagram helps show students the tarot system that is based on one of the oldest and most basic calendar of the ancient world. Nearly every culture has kept track of the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons. Teach others about this tarot deck that is based on this ancient calendar system. Comes in small 13" x 11", medium 18" x 15", large 27" x 23",
and huge 42" x 35".

Tool #4
The MAAT Tarot Moon Sign Scope
This poster helps you create a giant sized Moon Sign Scope like the one found in Julie Cuccia-Watts' The MAAT Tarot Book of Moon Signs. Great for large group instruction. Assembly required.

These items are available on my website.
Thanks for taking a look!