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Week of the new moon in Taurus

“The new moon phase symbolizes always being at the beginning and end, seeing life as an ever opening bud. The intuition rather than logic rules here, the projection of self on other's motivations. Very powerful for beginnings and endings”

5 of Cups

Planetary Ruler Venus

The image for the 5 of Cups is a young woman weeping over a bunny that her beloved cat has just killed. Above her four crows sit in a blossoming cherry tree. The crows are cawing and waiting for the leftovers with jubilant anticipation. The image implies that in the midst of life there is death.

The emotional girl has a hard time dealing with the raw reality of the cycle of life. When she matures she will realize she will never be happy if she is always focused on what isn't perfect, what seems unfair or even wrong. If she would just raise her head and look up she would see the beauty that surrounds her. She would soon realize that she could not control all of the actions of her external world. There is always something unsettling going on somewhere. You do what you can to create goodness and you just may have to let go of the rest. In these cases we can only hope that perhaps there is a bigger reality where what we see as unjust, unfair or senseless wastefulness can be understood if not completely restored.

Attention gardeners. This is the new moon for planting all those seedlings you started during the new moon in Pisces. It is now time to put your precious babies in the ground, use the waxing energy of the moon to encourage growth. Don't worry if you have too many put them in and let them mature you can always thin them out later. They are now at the mercy of the elements, you never know what will do well and what won't in any given year. It is important to focus on what is doing well and not be discouraged if some plants don't respond. Be sure to check your soil content and research what nutrients your plants need. Remember to rotate your crops so your soil doesn't get depleted. Check out companion planting; find out what plants do well when planted together. Some plants will repel harmful insects from neighboring plants, which is helpful when you don't want to use chemicals in your garden. But most of all enjoy magic of nature in growing plants.

Traditional meaning: dwelling on the negative.

In a Reading: This card represents a pessimistic point of view. Emotional loss can fog perceptions of reality.

Other Taurus Moon cards...
First quarter moon in Taurus/ 6 of Wands:(Jan.20-Feb. 18)The Owl, wise hunter, can hear the vermin under the snow. This card symbolizes the creative power of Death and the power of the body to ward of disease.

Full Moon in Taurus: Princess of Swords-The Huntress-(Oct. 23-Nov.21)This card represents a young woman with grace and dexterity. She never lets her gender stop her from doing everything she wants. She may have an unusual job and enjoys doing everything her male counterparts can do. She knows how to take care of herself she is diplomatic and can negotiate expertly on behalf of her peers. She has the ability to survey others undetected. Detachment is one of her qualities.

Last quarter Moon in Taurus:(July 23-Aug.22)This card represents the healing and rejuvenating powers of Earth. The healing that comes from an external source. As the moon is waning in the sign of Taurus (death), it would seem as though life has overpowered death. At this time earth begins to show its abundance, giving its resources of food and pure spring water for the life of its inhabitants.

Full Moon Cycle of Taurus(Oct.23-Nov.21)major arcana -DEATH-The overall theme of lesson of this lunar cycle is immortality. It takes seriously the premise of the survival of the personality after death, a premise supported by established institutions of knowledge from stagnant religious dogmas to scientific theories relating to energies' indestructible properties. The Death card represent the lunar cycle during the time of the year when the earth's fertility wanes the last of summer's garden is harvested and we enter into the restful season of late fall.

Balancing Cards:
new moon in Taurus/5 of Cups- focus on the negative the inability to see the goodness around her vs. new moon in Scorpio/5 of Swords-seeing the card game as something fun/ the boy is unable to see the negative activities going on around him.
new moon in Taurus/5 of Cups-the young girl is overcome by the actions of her cat who has just killed a bunny, she has has a negative emotional response to the natural cycle of life occurring around her vs. full moon in Taurus/Princess of Swords-The Huntress who understands her place in the cycle of life and who knows her actions of taking the deer's life will insure the health and well being of her clan.

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I like the touch with the tree. I wonder if it is a cherry tree? The petals are falling on the ground, as if acknowledging the sadness of the girl.




The bunny is half eaten between the cats paws. Horrific I know but this scene actually played itself out when I painted this during the new moon in Taurus 2004.
My daughter(11 years old at the time) found the half eaten bunny and the cat standing over it. She was very upset, it seemed to fit. The scene of the crows
is true too. The big black crow swooped in and carried the bottom half off to the roof of our neighbors garage. We find dead bunnies every year around this time my daughter who is 14 now takes it all in stride.