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Week of the last quarter moon in Aquarius

"The last quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of an acute awareness of ideals and high standards and implementation of these standards into daily life. Disappointment can occur if these standards are not met."

7 of Cups

Planetary ruler Venus

Aquarius Key phrase "I Know"

The image for the 7 of is a partial reproduction of Caravaggio's Narcissus (1608-10). The Narcissus myth is a tragic tale of a proud youth who is fatally attracted to himself. The use of this symbolism was not to discard the original lesson of Narcissus, but to politely interject that it is impossible to love anyone else unless you love and respect yourself first. The choices we make are a direct reflection of how much we love and respect ourselves. In the Maat tarot image, we see Narcissus flanked by his floral namesake, looking beneath the surface of the water at seven cups immersed in its depths. It is unclear which cup may be valuable and which cup may be housing an unsettling surprise.

This card encourages us to look beneath the surface and pull up a treasure that has been hidden in the River of Life. There is some hint of urgency in choosing here as the water could pull the treasures down stream or submerge them forever in the muck.

Traditional tarot meaning: too many choices

In a Reading: This card represents the positive and negative choices that come up in our life. Sometimes there are too many choices and sometimes we must make a quick decision or the option is lost. Our choices are a reflection of who we are and serve to teach us and help us form our characters. Our choices can have lasting consequences. When this card comes up in a reading it is an indication that too many choices may be available. Some of those choices may be misleading or may not be what they appear. It is one of those situations where you have no choice but to go with what feels right.

Balancing Cards...

7 of Cups/ Last quarter moon in Aquarius vs. 7 of Swords/Last quarter Moon in Leo-In the 7 of Swords there is a warning of something that could be taken away from the self and in the 7 of Cups the river is giving up some buried treasures from which we must choose.

7 of Cups/Last quarter moon in Aquarius vs. 6 of Swords/ First quarter moon in Aquarius. In the 7 of Cups the River is giving something and in the 6 of Cups it is taking someone away.

Other Aquarius Moon Cards...

7 of Wands/New moon in Aquarius-The river as a path for international commerce and relationships. The co-mingling of cultures and power as it shifts from one culture to another. The change that occurs within a culture due to the influence and knowledge brought in from another culture.

King of Coins/Full moon in Aquarius -The river as a reflection of the path of the soul. After being taken advantage of by someone trusted a set of "rules" are established. The banker, creditor, or person of power or wealth who can finance or facilitate your dream if you are deemed worthy. The hoops you have to do jump through to get what you want. Trials of initiation.

Star/Full moon cycle of Aquarius(July 23-August 22)- Universal timing, synchronicity, the power of an individual star, trusting the universe is always on time. The dog star Sirius as it aligns with the sun signaled the flooding of the Nile River and was also thought to make the sun hotter hence the source of the idea of "the dog days of summer" marking the hottest days of the summer.

The River is a prominent feature of all the Aquarius moon cards.

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Strange how life can have coincidence. Lately, I am having a lot of seven of cups in my daily draw.

The disposition of the cups makes me think of a shipwreak and the cups had been spilled up from the ship. The cups seems to be a little hard to reach. The person isn't in a hurry so it could be a good thing because he can try to make a more thought out choice.

And the story of Narcissus is really a good one!