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Maat Tarot: The Prince of Wands

The Prince of Wands rules the turn-around week; instead of going further into winter, we are now turned toward spring. Look at the weather: the sky is nearly half-clear as warm, morning sunlight begins to seep into the sky. The prince’s little hand seems to be pushing back the clouds. Yes, we are passing the divide! We don’t see very much else of him (just as we won’t see very much of Spring just yet), but the infant’s rosy, upraised hand greets us with energy, movement and desire for contact. “Touch me,” he seems to say. “Come! Hold hands.” It’s an invitation for which one is ready after the passage through the suit of swords.

The theme for this lunar cycle, according to Cuccia-Watts, is the family. Actually, the whole suit of wands in the Maat could be termed a “family” suit. There are several examples of women alone or with their infants, but also there is at least one family group. Finally, I see a father with his son (5 wands), a scene I don’t recall seeing in any other deck except for the Blue Moon. There are older children (the Princess of Wands) and elders (10 wands). It’s as close to a family tarot as anyone can get at present—and a family begins, by many definitions, with the addition of a child.

And so with this child whose tiny, star-shaped hand is raised in greeting and invitation, we begin anew. A fair wind is blowing; the drapes around the cradle ripple slightly to reveal all the colors we will see more clearly later on. Air is rising and a few birds have taken wing with hope for the new year and new beginnings. :)


Maybe the housewife tarot had creep into my mind. But now, each time I see the prince of wand, I think of mischief and adventure. In the Maat, it is a cute scene of an baby in his craddle. He extand his hand out of the craddle, toward the sky. Maybe he want to makes his presence to be known. Or he may be Hermes ready to steal part of Apollo's cattle. It also makes me think of the second Addams family movies.


the prince of wands

Now that I have figured out how to add an attachment I'll post the images we are talking about. As usual Greycats your posts are just great. It reintroduces me to my work with new eyes! Thanks


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