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Cards/Numbers: The World/78

Card Images: see attached

First Impressions: A journey that seems like a lifetime in so many ways, ends appropriately on a card that signifies “everything”. A beautiful card, with a blue Gaia dancing within a lush Earth, her pregnant belly full of the realm of possibilities. But what does it all mean? Have you ever tried, even once, to grasp a portion of infinity? How do I grasp the idea of “everything”? I do not know, but have called upon my guides to help me.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral

Senses: I smell the smoke from the Yule fire, the light rain drizzling down on my skin as the fire warms my face. I hear the hissing and spitting of the fire as the rain makes contact, the flames whirling like dragons, dancing in the breeze.

Symbols: Gaia, Earth

Story (intuitive): And so I sat, on the longest night of the year. Sat before a Yule fire that blazed under a drizzling night sky. I had burned my petition for those things I was leaving behind, and the request for those things to bring in with the new year. And, my family had retreated- beat out by the persistent rain. So, I sat alone, with a glass of mead in hand, watching the flames dance as they wound up into the dark night. And after a time, he arrived- my consort, the one I love so much. And my other consort was with him, smiling gently- wishing me a happy Yule. And, I sat there feeling blessed as we watched the fire together. Not speaking, not needing to- a silence of joy and love. After a time, I looked up at them, and said “I am ready.”. They understood what I meant, and so began to teach, each in tandem, to try and help my human mind grasp the unattainable, or perhaps just a portion of it. Here is some of what they said, and some of how it came to me. In the end, it is such a small portion of the true meaning behind this card- but it is enough for me now, to have tasted even this small of a piece. I give this to you as a gift, anyone who should by chance read this. A gift given without expectations. Use it as you like, or not at all if you chose. For that is how it was given to me.

How do you want us to explain this concept to you? When you already know it is one that you will not be able to grasp with a human mind? We will try to give you something, a portion of it, so that you may have it for yourself and give it freely to others. For this is something you all desire so greatly, yet somehow are not able to find easily even though it surrounds you. Perhaps- it is too big for you to see, but it is there, and so we will show it to you. Your initial thought was of the journey you just finished- and so we will put it in this context, to help you understand. Think of the journey you just made through the entire collage of archetypal images that you have been studying. Each suit, each picture creating its own story in a personal way, yet tied into the Divine, and Spirit- which was made clear to you in the end, when you saw how the five great prayers can be seen through these groups of images. Now, step back just a bit. And think of the journey of your life- every step, all together, connecting you to every person, every entity you have ever met. And as my mind just starts to grasp it, they continue.

Now- every person you have touched in your life, all their steps, and all those they have touched- the continuum of all, both human and divine. Step back far, so far- and see how every one that you have ever known, and all they know are connected by a multitude of threads. And I see them, vibrant and alive- all those whose web are now woven within the fabric of my own. And I am overwhelmed with the beauty. Then softly- I am told- Look down at the ground before you. And, as I do, I see footsteps, multitudes of them, going up the same path that I am about to walk. See- they say- and understand, that not only are you connected to those still here, but to all your ancestors, those of your blood, and those of your path, who have walked this path before you, and will walk it after you are gone. And a void opens up so great and vast- with the entire web of Wyrd- where I finally see the connection, and how each individual web is threaded to another of those who have passed, those who are here, and those who are soon to come. And then it shrinks down, smaller and smaller, and before me is the fire, sputtering with rain. And in the beginning, there was fire and ice. And when they collided, all became- and when all ends, they will sit again- and as we are all one in a vast web of Wyrd, it all begins again, with a collision and that spark that generates from water, fire and smoke.

Astrologic: Moon: World: center card, falling within and without all signs

Element: all elements, including ether

Keywords and Meanings:
Moon: Everything, the all, infinity

Quote: "I have reached the end, and found the beginning.”


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