Mabon - origins


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ETA: I just read the Sorita blog and really loved what she had to say. Thank you for posting it!

How far 'should' we research to fully understand what we celebrate or believe? Does it matter what we call things or where we place our faith?

For me, it is important to research why some pagans call the Autumnal Equinox Mabon. I want to know. For others, if the beautiful story feels right to them and they go with it, there's no harm there. And researching some things only to reject them, while ignoring research on other things and embracing them -- well, that's also perfectly acceptable and doesn't matter.

I don't believe that we shouldn't try to find out the truth of things, nor that we should. Sometimes I just can't help myself and must dig. Other times, I love what I hear and even though my digging tells me something isn't 'true', I embrace it anyway, on my own terms. Don't we all do that, to some extent?

I admire the seasoned path some of you here tread, and the confidence with which you speak. I am still just finding my way, just a tender young bud. Like a little baby who has to pick up everything and taste it, or has to touch the hot stove to find out what it means to be burned. I just have to explore.


I've never called the autumn equinox Mabon, although I understand why others do. To me it's the Autumn Equinox, or simply harvest time.

I also have a hard time calling Halloween Samhain. It's always been Halloween to me, and I think it always will be.