Magical Forest - 10 of Swords


from lwb: the end of a struggle

This cards shows the cat on the ground, he has given up.
He appears depressed or sad. Things not going the way he
wanted them to. Hard work but not the outcome he had hoped
for. The card shows he has been betrayed by someone close
enough to put the swords in his back.

Disappointment is going to be the outcome if this card comes up
when asked about any kind of friendship, relationship, dealings with


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Magical Forest- Ten of Swords

To me, this card indicates the lowest point that one can reach, the very worst has happened and you can only go up from here. I read somewhere that the Ten of Swords can also be a warning against playing the martyr or using the situation to your benefit in the attention department. I can see that in this card, the little cat looks as if he might be saying " That's okay, you go right on ahead and don't worry about me, I'll be fine..." I'm sure that human nature being what it is, it would be very easy to play this role but the Ten of Swords warns that this is not the answer and maybe you'd better examine what part you might be playing in this drama.


What a morbid card. This poor little kitty has used up all its nine lives, and the 10th sword got him. If at first you don't succeed then give up and try something else. The current course of action is only going to end in disappointment no matter how hard you try or how much positive thinking and affirmations you use.
Of course, maybe the swords are not actually in his back, and he's just being a bit melodramatic to get some attention!