Magical Forest - 2 of Cups


from lwb: Two: obstacles in relations between males and females.

The bunny couple in this card don't look too happy, they look sort of
like they are stopped in the middle of something. Maybe there is something
they need to work through or get past to have complete happiness.
They don't appear to be angry, just like they don't know what to do next.
The colors aren't all dark so I would think this card can be a good sign
that if you work on the relationship, with whoever, it can move forward.


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Magical Forest- Two of Cups

I see this card as something isn't quite right as well. It seems that there might be a little strife or bruised feelings happening and when I look at the winged lion above them (Cadeuceus I believe it's called) I feel that there needs to be healing in a relationship or a relationship that needs mending. Like a spat between husband and wife or parent to child, or even maybe the wounded feelings that can occur at times in friendships. I don't think it says real trouble in paradise just a little speedbump to overcome.


I agree, just something that needs to be smoothed over or worked out.


It's a little different turn on the usual interpretation isn't it? When I first got my deck, I tried to ignore the nagging little feeling that the bunnies looked a bit down but in the end figured it's always best to listen to that inner voice, it always puts me on the right track.


Yes, I agree, the traditional meaning for this card is harmony, beginning of a relationship or friendship but these two buns don't look like they are in harmony. I take it more the way we have been discussing here, that they have a issue to work through but they will still be together after working it out.

I think the Ace of Cups is the card that means new friendships, relationships, etc. in this deck.


These two look like lovers, but perhaps a bit awkward with each other still (feels like a first date!). The lion with wings, looks like its sitting on the medical symbol - perhaps that represents the underlying sexual instincts at play (perhaps thats what the tension between them is all about). These two look like the grown up, not so innocent bunnies on the lovers card.


These interpretations are interesting to me, given my nightly draw. Thanks for posting them.