Magical Forest - 3 of Pentacles


from lwb: work with ingenuity

The one fox is on the ladder working on the archway. He's a skilled
artisan. The other box looks on and has a baby owl with her? The owl
has a red robe with a fluffy collar and is very small compared to the

The fox on the ladder has learned new skills, is making more money to support family. He's progressed in his field, is successful.


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Magical Forest- Three of Pentacles

I seem to pull this card quite often lately as I ask my cards for periodic updates on my interpretation progress. I feel this is telling me to keep plugging away at my study, pausing to ask for help (from fellow AT members)when stuck or unsure of different meanings. It also calls for a certain amount of planning when studying, especially being prepared for the new cards in this study each day but with each new card I feel a little bit more confidence in my abilities and before I know it I'll be having one of those "Ah Ha!" moments. But as the card shows it is going to take time diligence and great patience on my part because it isn't just going to happen over night (as much as my swords personality) would like!


Making connections.
A work in progress.
Being on the inside, in the know.