Magical Forest - 3 of Swords


from lwb: the punishment for morbosity, disagreement

Ah, the heartbreak card. Someone must leave the situation in order
for it to move forward. 3 is too many in a relationship. The dark
color in the background shows stormy weather. Many arguments and
disagreements with this 3rd person. Trying to wedge themselves in the
middle. Tears over things done or said.

Morbosity means diseased body so that could mean that the person
is suffering from stress related symptoms caused by this 3rd person
who is in the middle.


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Magical Forest- Three of Swords

These swords sticking in the heart while rain falls in the background tells me this is the card of heartbreak and a sadder but wiser person. We must focus on the fact that even though we might have gotten our little heart broke we do indeed learn these life lessons and need to make sure that they are lessons learned. I think of that old saying "those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it" I think the emotional lessons are the ones that make the biggest impression on us and stick with us, we just can't let them color our outlook on everything.



There must be a positive aspect to this card! It's raining. Swords have pierced a heart. It all seems so bitterly dark! But, if swords are about communication, then perhaps the positive aspect of this card is about finally getting through to someone. Maybe it was through harsh words or difficult actions, but what we see is a heart full of air--of swords--instead of just being immutable stone. The rain is purifying, cleaning the wounds in attempt at restoration.


Where is the cat on this card? Is this a view behind the sharp wit and quick mind, perhaps all that intellectualising has left the cat without a heart? Could this be warning to nurture you emotional side a bit and not be so cold hearted?
I just put he Tower next to this one and it looks like part of the same scene... is this what happens when you dont accept change and try to distance yourself too much from the real world?

For all its warnings I do find this card to be postive and finally getting to the heart of the matter - if I remember to heed its warnings!