Magical Forest - 4 of Cups


from lwb: Four: standstill due to melancholy or weakness.

The tree reminds me of an umbrella that the bunny is sitting under so he's sort
of protected from the rain or disappointment. The universe is offering
another cup but he's not even aware of it he's so disappointed
and he has his eyes shut.

His ears are leaning too implying disinterest or resting. At least that's what it
means in the real bunny world in my house of 3 rabbits!
The bun is sitting in
flowers so it's something that if he opens his eyes he will see it's not that bad
and it will pass, there are things he could do to make it better, take the cup
that's offered. Could be friendship or faith offering help. The traditional
meaning of this card is dissatisfaction with material possessions or success.

If you look at this card you see the things in nature we are supposed to be
thankful for, trees, flowers, animals, sunshine, etc.


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Magical Forest- Four of Cups

When I think about this card, I see it in two different ways. One way is feeling bored with life and possibly a bit sorry for yourself because of things that you don't have, could have or should have. Blessings are gifts that we recieve from the universe and sometimes don't come around too often so we need to really be thankful for what we have been given. Looking at this card in another way, I see it to mean pausing to slow down and reflect upon your priorities so that when you do open your eyes you will see the opportunities before you in a more positive light.


The little guy is meditating, keeping quiet and watching whats going on - there is no need to keep asking him "are you OK? Is everything alright?". Sometimes, in order to receive the gifts of nature (from the Ace?) one needs to still the mind and be receptive. If this card has a negative side it could be that by being too self conscious and self absorbed you might be missing out on whats on offer.

Isadora Veiga

He is hard to please, very demanding, nothing is ever good enough for him. Eternal dissatisfaction. He refuses to see the gifts life's offering him. And he's the only one who can change this negative attitude, it's in his power to open his eyes.

Being demanding can also have a positive side. It means you won't accept anything that's offered to you without evaluating if it's really worth it. You want the best for yourself so you'll wait for the right moment or opportunity.