Magical Forest - 4 of Swords


from lwb: stable isolation for individualism

The cat is sleeping on a grey slab, or at least resting with his eyes shut.
The swords are put away or aside for now. There must be a time of
meditation in order to find the best way to deal with the issue.
Don't listen to anyone else, try to not be influenced by others when
making a decision.

The stained glass window is of a woman so I would assume the issue relates
to a female, she appears younger and sad or maybe thinking about something


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Magical Forest- Four of Swords

This card to me is a "time out" card, time to get some mental rest and recuperation before starting again in daily life. It's easy to get stressed out in this crazy world and a little quiet never hurts. I can see it as a caution as well that maybe things are a bit hectic and for health sake you need to slow down.


"Dont' get too relaxed!" comes to mind when I look at this card. In this deck the cat is sleeping on a slab of stone with 3 swords poised above his head. Even if the stained-glass figure seems to be watching over him, I get the impression that he shouldn't sleep too deeply. That could explain his sword being at the ready beside the "bed" rather than mounted with the other three.

Incidentally, I am surprised that no one seemed to be interested in the woman figure in the card. She is the only human in the deck, as far as I know! Why, in a deck of all animals, would this one stained glass image be human rather than another animal?!


You are right, this is the only human in the deck... strange that its a stained glass window which has got very 'churchy' connotations for me.I find this card a bit morbid, almost as if the cat is lying on a crypt in a church, with its sword by its side. Perhaps it is time to put logic aside and call upon a higher power. Time seems to be irrelevant in this card and it has an air of permanence and of going deep inside.