Magical Forest - 4 of Wands


from lwb: fertile tranquility following efforts.

The frogs have their Sunday Best on and are celebrating under a canopy
of vines. They are in front of a huge house that shows success.
There are no signs of work anywhere so the job must be done and it's
time to celebrate. The family is all together for the party. It looks like
there are 2 couples here. The colors of their robes are regal colors so
maybe they are royalty?


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Magical Forest- Four of Wands

This card indicates to me a time to kick off your shoes and enjoy the moment. Have a party, enjoy the freedom that you feel. I also see this as maybe indicating a time in your life that a burden is lifted and you can enjoy that feeling of being free and light hearted.


I see a kind of peace that allows you to be yourself, being comfortable with friends and family. It has the feeling of the status quo, yesterday was the same as today and will continue on tomorrow. Comfortable, predictable, secure.


I see celebration of initial success, perhaps a wedding or other social setting.

This could also indicate taking up interest or appreciation of Culture/cultural affairs. Dance lessons anyone? ;p