Magical Forest - 5 of cups


from lwb: Five: feelings dominate all.

The bunny seems really sad, completely down and can't think about anything
else. This is one of the darkest cards colorwise in the deck which indicates to
me a card that needs to be paid attention to.
The 3 cups that are spilled are in front of him and 2 full cups that might
offer something pleasant are being ignored. He can't move forward because
of his loss, the spilled cups.
He needs time to get over the disappointment, either from
a death, or the break-up of a friendship or relationship. Some kind of major
loss. The stream of subconsciousness is in front of him so maybe when he
does move forward he will understand why he had to go through this loss
and how it will benefit him in the future.


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Magical Forest- Five of Cups

The coloring in the Five of Cups leaves me feeling a little sad and bewildered like the bunny on this card. His expression is one of "How did this happen" as he stands next to the three spilled cups. In the foreground are two more cups that have not spilled, one larger than the other, and to me his eye is focused on the bigger of the two cups as if to say there is something bigger and better in store for you so don't let this minor emotional setback discourage you from focusing on the larger picture.


My first though looking at this card is that she is drunk! Had a bit too much too drink and is now feeling a bit sorry for herself! Perhaps she was drowning her sorrows, trying to escape from reality. The two cups in front seem rather big, as if the other three were just warming up - these two mean business, should you choose to continue down this path.
I know that feeling of being drunk and depressed, waking up feeling even worse, and then looking back on it later realising that it wasn't so bad, there was more to the situation that I just didn't see at the time.