Magical Forest - 5 of Pentacles


from lwb: an overwhelming attraction for material goods sometimes dominates all the rest

This pair is out in the cold, have they spent all their money unwisely and are
now homeless? They look like they have been out a while and the one fox
has a broken leg and is using a cane. There's really no house, just the window
so it seems to be that money was the main focus. Very sad card,
The foxes are very sad and cold. They have no where to go with each
other. Maybe means need to learn that money isn't everything, that
there are priorities more important.


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MagicaL Forest- Five of Pentacles

This is such a sad little scene in this card, I am however struck by the look of concern and perhaps compassion for his little buddy who is limping alongside. To me I see it as meaning when times are hard and your options are scarce, you can rely on each other... there is assistance within reach and you just need to seek it out. I see this card as a warning too that maybe you need to be very frugal at this time because finances can get tough at any time.

Isadora Veiga

The leg in plaster tells me that it's a temprary situation, although times are rough now recovery is bound to happen. It may take time though.