Magical Forest - 6 of Swords


from lwb: transported by events

The cat family is moving away. They are leaving something behind.
There was much hardship associated with something they need to be
away from whether that was a home, a job, another family member.
There was something that was causing them so much pain they decided
to leave it behind in order to move forward. They are moving and the
water seems to be a little choppy so there may be some difficulty
with the actual move or the progress forward. The left side of the
boat is smooth water. I wonder if that means that the issue was with
the female or the female's side of the family. They are all looking away
though so they all are in agreement about the move.


Magical Forest- Six of Swords

This card indicates a kind of mental or thought process of moving from troubled times into a more calm peaceful situation. Moving on is not always easy and it can leave us feeling a bit blue but we must remember that where we might be headed is full of opportunities and advantages. I always had the impression that the water stood for subconcious and concious thought that our subconcious seems to be more calm and serene but the concious mind is always working and active...choppy or wavy so to speak. But I agree it does seem all are in agreement that this travel was necessary.


This card seems a bit melancholic to me - they are travelling somewhere but they don't seem to be very joyous about it - it just something that has to be done. Its time to gather your things, protect yourself against the elements, and get a move on. One the one side the water is turbulent (and purple = psychological?) and the other side is calm. The move is necessary due to the condition of the one cat (that is covered up). This is one of the few cards where all the creatures have their backs turned to us - perhaps this shows that the answer is elsewhere - we should stop focusing on ourselves?