Magical Forest - 7 of Wands


from lwb: success in a balanced dynamic

The frog is guarding the piece of land he has. He is prepared
to fight off the others who appear to be coming up the side
of the cliff that is at the edge of the land in front of him.
He seems ready for them. The frog does seem composed
and not frightened or panicky. I would take this as a sign
of success against opposition. Make good choices, keep your
head on straight. Don't jump to conclusions, think before you act.

The one wand on the right is really large, it almost seems as if
this card was drawn from the view of the frog holding that wand.
It's much higher than the others as if he's already on top of
the land, not on the cliff.


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Magical Forest- Seven of Wands

This card seems to be sending the message to stand your ground. The frog stands above the other unseen wands in a very defensive stance and maybe tells me that I might not see a struggle coming but hold my position and do what's right.


The message I see in this card is: "Take heart, believe in yourself, and don't give up! There may be struggles, competition, or those who challenge you, but you are capable and brave enough to handle it."