Magical Forest - 8 of Swords


from lwb: fear of condemnation

The cat is blindfolded so they can't see what's happening.
He isn't trying to run or get away, at least it doesn't appear that way.
It seems to be late evening from the sky color. The castle in the background
is barely visible. The cat seems to have a forlorn look on his face, and
his ears are not perked up, he seems resigned to this position.
Not able to speak or see what is going on, whether they choose
this or it is not up to them. Their hands are tied so to speak.
No one seems to be coming to help him. He's alone.

The fear of being condemned could be the reason he is not seeing or
speaking. He's not going to get involved, can't pick sides.
Can't see the faults in the other person. Is just accepting that this
is how it is.


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Magical Forest- Eight of wands

I think this card says that you have become so overwhelmed by your problem or problems that it seems there is no way out, no solution to your predicament. To me it seems so easy, just take off that blindfold and step away from those swords. However, sometimes that is the hardest thing to do, some even are comfortable in that position, it makes it easier to gain attention that way. "Oh poor me, look at what shape my life is in" I also read somewhere in my internet travels that it could in some circumstances indicate jail or prison. I wonder if anyone here has ever had the Eight of Swords turn out to be that?


Trapped and unable to see or move - but it could all be an illusion because the blindfold is loose, and there is a way round the obstacles. Perhaps this cat is waiting for a knight in shining armours to come from the castle and rescue it.