Magical Forest - 8 of Wands


from lwb: an apparent obstacle risks blocking progress.

Well these 8 wands sure do seem like an obstacle. They are almost
like a gate, blocking any movement past them.
There's that fabulous color again! the golds and browns.
It seems like if you can get past the obstacle there is a
castle and what seems like some green (possibly?) grass by the trees?
Maybe success if you can get past the obstacles.


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Magical Forest- Eight of Wands

I see these wands as speeding by but are they aiming up or falling down? I thought about this and came to the conclusion that it probably would depend on how they appear in a reading. In a reading where you might be asking about a future project that hasn't quite got off the ground yet, I think this card would then indicate your plans are soon to grow wings and shoot like a rocket skyward. In other readings I think they might indicate a situation that is coming to it's conclusion. Yes, the color is somewhat off-putting, so maybe this artist intended to show a conclusion or news of a sticky situation ending.


As an obstacle, I would see this as something sudden but temporary. Like planning to go on a picnic and it starts raining. The rain won't last forever, but you'll have to wait until the ground dries out to have your picnic.
The color reminds me of sunset, so I think of things culminating, coming to rest, or wrapping up. Finishing up.