Magical Forest - 9 of Cups


from lwb: happiness in the traditional order of things

The bunny appears to be patiently waiting for something. He has all the cups
lined up neatly and has finished his work and is waiting for his reward.
He's not tired, he feels good and is bright eyed. He's cute! I love the
face, those eyes are the most real I've noticed yet.
Success, happiness, a job well done, happiness in relationships.

The feather in the cap suggests a job well done and something to be
proud of.

I like the checked floor too. It's a contrast to the wavy lines in his


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Magical Forest- Nine of Cups

When I first started to learn the tarot, I learned that this is sometimes called the "wish card" as it deals with pure contentment and having exactly what you want and need. The little bunny looks as if he has all that he needs and is sitting quite happily, maybe waiting for a few of his little buddies to come share in his happiness. Later,as I sat and meditated on this card, another possibility came to me... maybe his hands are holding his little tummy because he had TOO much contentment and plenty and now his tummy is a tad bit upset. We need to be careful that our eyes are not bigger than our stomachs (metaphorically speaking of course) when we desire our wishes to come true!

Isadora Veiga

The job is done, he's reached his goal, his heart is soothed, he's content and can finally sit and rest.