Magical Forest - 9 of Pentacles


from lwb: profitable experience -past and future

The lady fox is dressed very well, she's wealthy as seen from all the
pentacles on the hedge behind her. She is holding a bird on her hand
who feels safe to be there. She's at ease and isn't worried about money
or possesions. She seems to be deep in thought or relaxed with the
bird. The doesn't have any worries. She's worked hard and has time
to enjoy life now. The hedge is very tall so I would think she is on a large
estate. Very wealthy in life but not only in material ways.


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Magical Forest-Nine of Pentacles

I wonder if she's happy in her garden alone, she seems content but maybe she has hidden herself behind her garden wall and therefore cuts herself off from other wonderful pleasures that being part of a community or spending time with others can bring. I usually look at this card as meaning solitary satisfaction but for some reason it hit me that it could also be cautioning against being too isolated.