Magical Forest - 9 of Swords


from lwb: nocturnal nightmares, awaiting dawn

The cat can't sleep, is making himself physically and emotionally ill
worrying over some issue or event. He's dreaming about things.
Having nightmares about what could happen. Needs sleep and
rest to see the situation clearly, lack of sleep and stress is clouding
his judgment, maybe he should see a professional therapist to help
him deal with his fears, etc. He's alone in bed and seems scared
and upset. He has his hand raised to his cheek like he's just so
shocked he's holding his face as if to say 'oh my'.

His harlequin pattern bedspread is a strong contrast to the rest
of the black and white card. A harlequin is a malevolent spirit,
so maybe there is a negative person around our cat. Maybe he's
going to have to decide on removing the negative person from his


Magical Forest- Nine of Swords

I too see this as indicating nightmares or worries that go through our minds when we are unsure or facing a challenge. In a way, I think it could mean that we need to stop and examine the fear we feel to see if it's something that is real or simply imagined. The choices we make determine how the situation will turn out and we need to make informed decisions that will result in a positive outcome so we don't end up in this state of fearful unknown. Sometimes the universe throws us a curveball and we need to do our very best under the conditions and know that the "monster in the closet" is not real after all.


Nightmares and bad dreams - what do you expect when you surround yourself with weapons? While the dreams were just fantasies, the swords are real. This card tells me that sometimes thoughts can make reality, and its time to stop being negative all the time and to gather positive energies around.


A card of nightmares and mental anguish.

Like the equivalent card in the RWS, the image is of someone unable to rest due to their troubling thoughts. The Swords hang ominously in the background, and yet if you look closer, you'll notice that the higher swords seem to be fading away. This would indicate (as does the entire suit) that the things that trouble us are all in the mind and that they can be overcome with a clear head and if we don't dwell on them - though this is easier said than done.