Magical Forest - 9 of Wands


from lwb: patience in silence

Here we're finally seeing some better colors, there is a green on the
floor and at the bottom of the wands behind the frog.
He has a frown and appears tired. He's trying to wait and be
patient. He's got to wait this out for the situation to resolve
itself. From the colors I would assume there is success after
the period of time where nothing seems to be progressing.
He seems to be waiting for a signal to put that last wand in it's place.
Then everything will be in it's place and the job finished successfully.


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Magical Forest- Nine of Wands

I see this come up for me when I need to slow down and re-evaluate if the battle is really that important and maybe I should reconsider that I might just need to drop it. After all, is it really that important to win or is the cost of battle going to prove too expensive?


One thing that stands out for me is the frog's clothing. His togs are very primitive compared to the red capes. It seems a deliberate choice because the artist could have left the clothes off like he/she did in the seven.

There is a sense of making do with less, lacking supplies (thinking of the American Civil War here), but still holding the line. Doing what one is told, rather than acting from the heart. Perhaps one believed in the cause at one time, but faith has wavered and now the action is fueled by "it's expected". Having to see something through to the end, despite one's own wishes in the matter.


I see this frog as a former warrior who has seen a lot of battle, but now he's employed as a guard and protector. He is responsible for quietly waiting, attentively at the ready in case he is needed. He's tired from his past experiences (and waiting - which he doesn't take to well), and may feel slightly overqualified for a job he views as low-level. The action-motivated frog currently finds himself in a less overtly active state, but his role is still important in case someone should come to the gates.

I see him suggesting that we should reflect and reevaluate what's important, while maintaining awareness of what else we have and can offer. Don't take quiet or calm for granted and let your skills or physical potential languish just because they aren't urgently needed at this moment. Be ready to respond when the time comes.