Magical Forest - Ace of Swords


from the lwb about the Swords:

The Family of Cats is the most intellectually lively one. They are fickle and are essentially occupied with nourishing their minds, often seeking to understand the rules of nature; they teach what they have learned to all the inhabitants of the Forest. When they are not jumping among the branches of the trees, they love long conversations. They vary in color, are often striped, and their symbol is the sword they use in special combat rituals because it can scratch like their sharpened claws. Humans call them Swords and associate them with minds, intellect, reason, thoughts, and philosophy.

Ace of Swords: the power of reason, pride

The paw comes out of the clouds again but this time to give a message,
initial contact. The crown on the sword tells me that this message or
contact is important and the message should be heard. The Ace of Swords
also has to do with karma, which would go along with the artist's thought
about the cats teaching the other inhabitants of the forest what they
have learned, passing along good messages and good karma by taking care
of others. What goes around comes around. The sword looks sharp
and the message can be harsh. The colors of the
card are very pleasant and positive .


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Magical Forest- Ace of Swords

This is such a good choice of critter for this suit! Tabby's have that dagger-like look to the symetry of their stripes. Well, that and I'm just a cat fan anyway. The Ace implies the beginning of a thought or line of reasoning to me. The very start of an idea that you can put into action the dawn of the proverbial lightbulb that goes off in our heads at the conception of our ideas or thoughts.


To me the swords represent a very rational way of thinking, relying on objective observations and factual analysis of a situation. This type of person would be very abstract when speaking: using concepts, theories and ideas. They would be very practical and pragmatic, perhaps the type of person who would strive for personal power. (If you interested in psychological temperament theories then I recommend a search on wikipedia for "rational temperament" - I think it descibes the Swords and cats perfectly).

The Ace of Swords reminds me of the story of King Arthur - if you are true to yourself you will be able to wield the sword. Don't try fool yourself and take a close look at your inner motivations. This is a time to be bold and seize the moment.


This card could also represent being guided towards or away from something. It isn't always the direction you wish to go, but the direction is always quite clear, and you will be poked and prodded until you begin moving in the right direction.


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