Magical Forest - Ace of Wands


From lwb: The Family of Frogs represent the most imaginative and creative creatures you can meet. They are responsible for discovering the mysteries of life, and to sow and cultivate the plants of the Magical Forest. Together with the Bunnies, they preside over engagements and weddings, because it is said that they particularly enjoy the joys of sex. They also love to invent and organize games for the entire community. They are green and their symbol is a branch that they use sometimes for support and sometimes for play. Humans call them Wands and associate them with their imagination, creativity, sexuality, and life energy.

Ace: beginning, fertility, creative force.

New beginnings, whether in life as a new baby, job, career, travel, moving.
Something creative, a new start.


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Magical Forest- Ace of Wands

I see this card as a sign that this is the time to grab an opportunity or spring into action because the time is now. The froggy hand holding the wand that appears from the clouds implies to me that the Universe is presenting me this chance and I need to take it.


I love the little froggy fingers in this ace! I also love the coloration of the cards. Knowing when I purchased this deck that frogs were chosen for the suit of wands.. I was a little skeptical (although I can see how they could be used instead of salamanders, since they are also amphibians). But I can understand and appreciate this choice given the suit explanation.

I see the ace as a suggestion to leap forward into action, or to prepared for sudden new creative forces coming into your life, and grabbing the opportunity as it swoops by.