Magical Forest - Chariot


VII - The Chariot

from lwb:

Johnny Porcupine races to the clearing in the early morn. He drives a fast chariot because his legs are short, and he proudly sings: "How far to the city? A couple of hours! And when shall we return? When the sun is set!"

The colors are really great on this card. The ox (I think they are ox?) look like they are really moving fast and the porcupine is just holding on. He looks like he's ahead of everyone because there's no one else around. The cart is wooden and not fancy at all showing you don't have to have a fancy cart and race horses to move ahead. The eyes on these cards crack me up! The porcupine is like he's just staring ahead, focusing on the path. The ox have a similiar stare, straight ahead.


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Magical Forest- the Chariot

This is my favorite card, I think it's the reason I had to have this deck! The liitle porcupine has a very focused and determined look on his face as he races down what looks to be a very steep incline. I feel that this card could at times be saying things are becoming a bit out of control and you need to slow down a bit or the little wooden cart is going to tip over. The oxen seem not particularly concerned where they are going and are very happy just to be going somewhere, even if it is at break-neck speed!


The little porcupine looks like he is on an errand somewhere, racing to get there in time, whatever he is carrying must be important! To me it looks like he is on the edge of panic but still in control. He is going so fast that he is thinking - "oh crap, now what, can I handle it!". Be careful what you wish for! This card shows me that with focus, and complete congruence between your thoughts, actions and words - anything is possible.

Mojo Twin 2

Hey Karen, where did you get that cool version of the deck? My Lo Scarabeo has a bunch of languages on it!


When this card recently landed in the position of "Works" in the daily spread that I use, it brought to mind my trying to control the dogs when we walk them all, at the same time. :) We have five between us (siblings), and when they're excited by all of the smells in the woods (or, more recently, by the lake), you really need to hold on tight; I'll have a couple of moments where I'll end up with this look on my face: :bugeyed: I really need to get back to the clicker training...


What's interesting to me about this depiction of the chariot card is that unlike many other decks that seem more to focus on the warrior in his/her moment of victory, or the confident warrior in action, or the stillness of the focused warrior... this is the chariot driver on edge, and the stress, focus, fear, and determination are all shown in this tense moment. It is not yet clear whether the little hedgehog will make it in time to come out victorious over the challenges he is facing.

However, at the same time, he seems to be saying: "Okay guys, let's do this!"